Ringo Starr Photo Mystery Solved? Teens Come Forward

Is Ringo Starr four decade long photo mystery solved? A couple of people came forward, saying they know or are part of the group of teens in the black and white 1964 picture.

Ringo Starr made a public appeal to help him find the teens that are shown in the photo, crammed inside a convertible in what he thought was Miami, during The Beatles first US visit nearly five decades ago.

A man has come forward saying that he knows who the teens are, according to a report in the Miami Herald.

Boston attorney, Kenneth Kolpan, says he recognizes the kids in the photo as his classmates at Fair Lawn Senior High School in New Jersey.

This contradicts Ringo Starr’s account that he took the photo in Miami, where he Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison stayed for a week.

Many suspected the photo was not taken in Miami, as the convertible the kids are in is not open and they are wearing jackets and heavy sweaters.

The four boys and two girls in the car allegedly are driver Gary Van Dursen (who according to Kolpan has passed away), passenger in the front seat is Robert Toth, in the back seat, leaning out of the car window, is Charles Schwartz, of Sonoma, California, the girl on the left is the late Matty Blender of Portland, Oregon, and other girl to the right, is Arlen Norbe Ressler.

Charles Schawrtz has confirmed he was part of the Fair Lawn High School group in Ringo Starr’s snap, according to New Jersey.com.

He and five classmates were turned away after going to Kennedy Airport to see the Fab Four. Schwartz says they were returning home on a New York highway when they saw a limousine next to them with The Beatles inside. Schwartz says Ringo rolled down the window and started snapping pictures.

Kolpan, who was not part of the group, recalls the events of that day, February 7, 1964:

“The kids cut classes at Fair Lawn HS and went to La Guardia Airport to meet the Beatles. On the way from LaGuardia they saw four limos and thought it was a funeral, but each limo carried a Beatle.”

There is an inconsistency with this statement from Kolpan, however, The Beatles plane landed at the newly renamed Kennedy Airport, not La Guardia according to historical data.

Ringo Starr’s quest was also reported by The Inquisitr on Tuesday, several comments were left in response to the article.

A woman by the name of Barbara Vetz Clare left a lengthy comment stating her and her friends, which were not named are the teens in the now famous Ringo Starr photo.

Our picture has been in more magazines, newsreels, newspapers etc. It is amazing that when the Beatles came off the plane and Paul pointed to the observation deck at Idlewild that day, the cameras zoomed in and we were filmed and are still being shown just now in the above film clip..that is us with the little sign hanging over the edge..how can we contact Ringo Starr to let him know we are consistently alive and well through their arrival. Just recently 3 of us had a reunion after 40 years and still cannot believe that day and how it has had so much publicity for a few teen age girls now all in their 60?s (…)We would love to be a part of this..barbaraclare@hotmail.com..it would be an honor to be apart of this..I also have the printed picture on my facebook page in one of the albums and us getting ready to go to the airport when they were leaving.

Idlewild Airport is the original name of Kennedy Airport, this portion of the statement supports the location in which the pic was taken.

Ms. Clare was contacted but has not responded with a detailed account and additional pictures she claims to have in her possession, her name is not in the list provided by Kolpan.

Barbara Vetz Clare doesn’t mention that anyone in the group of six in the Ringo Starr photo has passed away.

There has not been independent confirmation of either Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Kolpan or Ms. Clare’s claims that they know or where part of the group of teens photographed by Ringo Starr, one of the most famous musicians of all time.

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