2009 NFL Draft two years out: Philadelphia Eagles

So far I have been pretty high on the 2009 Philadelphia Eagles draft class. They landed what looks to be two long term starters in the first two picks however; the lower part of their draft has fallen apart a bit in the two since they made these picks. Any pick made of out the first two rounds is something of a crap shoot and overall this still looks to be a very good draft class.

Here is a look at the 2009 Eagles draft class:

•Round One (19)- Jeremy Maclin WR
•Round Two (53)- Le Sean McCoy RB
•Round Five (153)- Cornelius Ingram TE
•Round Five (157)- Macho Harris S
•Round Five (159)- Fenuki Tupou OT
•Round Six (194)- Brandon Gibson WR
•Round Seven (213)- Paul Fanaika OG
•Round Seven (230)- Moise Fokou LB

WR Jeremy Maclin has been slightly above average, but that seems a little tough. He is a very good talent and should be a mainstay of this offense for years to come. RB LeSean McCoy hasn’t set the world on fire, but he is still very good. He rushed for over 1,000 yards in year two and averaged over five yards per carry.

Cornelius Ingram tore his ACL in year one and as of yet has not played for the team. After a promising rookie campaign Macho Harris went down with an injury in training camp. Fenuki Tupou has not played a game after suffering an injury in year one. Brandon Gibson has become a minor player with the St. Louis Rams. Paul Fanaika was cut in pre season of year one, and Moise Fokou has played in every game since being drafted and has done an ok job.

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