Watch This Little Girl Make Up Her Own Dance Routine, Hilarious! [Video]

The little girl in this tap dance video is either acting out or a star in the making. Watching her do her own thing at this recital clearly got the crowd laughing, hard.

From the first seconds of the video, the little girl stands out for her attitude and personality, but in a good way.

Anyone that has ever had their little girls in a dance school at this young age can relate to this video. Invariably, there is always at least one of the youngest performers who doesn’t follow the rules.

But this one is just too cute. She kind of starts doing what the group had surely been practicing for months to make sure it’s perfect on the day of the show.

Parents are seen with their video cameras and phones trying to capture the moment and then this little girl starts doing her own tap routine. And we mean her own routine.

As funny as the little girl doing her own thing is, her “colleague” on the right side of the screen makes the antics even funnier.

She follows all the steps her instructors have taught the class in preparation for the show, even with the distraction from the funny girl next to her.

At some point, the “instigator” bluntly tries to distract her as she gets in her face, but to no avail. She is totally focused on doing her job and pays no attention to the distraction.

Parents are heard LOL (laughing out loud) at every crazy move from the little girl doing her own dance routine.

One has to wonder if the dance instructor was laughing along or pulling her hair out.

Hopefully, all will recognize the innocence of a child who was expressing herself, no matter what the setting.

Do you think the little girl that made up her own dance routine should be applauded or chastised for not following directions?

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