Newfoundland Man Wins $50K, Crunches Competition With ‘Maple Moose’ for Lays’ ‘Do Us A Flavor’ Contest

A Newfoundland man has won a sweet $50,000 for his sweet—and somewhat odd—flavor idea.

“The flavor was inspired by two great Canadian icons – moose and maple syrup,” said Newfoundlander Tyler LeFrense.

That’s right, the winner for the Canadian edition of the Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor (Flavour?)” Contest is “Maple Moose.”

Maple Moose. Really, Newfoundland? And to think we were amused with “Chicken & Waffles.” Then there’s always “Pepsi-Chicken” Lay’s in China…

You win, Newfoundland.

After beating out the other final four flavors—”Creamy Garlic Cesar,” “Grilled Cheese & Ketchup” and “Perogy Platter”—Newfoundland’s own LeFrense will receive the $50K prize plus 1 percent of all future sales. Let’s hope for his sake it’s not just inside his tiny town of 600 in Isle Aux Morts, Newfoundland.

LeFrense’s idea came to him when he was making maple ham at his Newfoundland home; he decided to try the same method with moose meat to celebrate the traditions of Newfoundland and the rest of the east coast: outdoor cooking and flavor cool autumns on the east coast. Because you can’t do that anywhere else in the rest of the world?

The food bloggers over at So Good actually ranked Maple Moose second to last, with Perogy Platter taking the win.

“Personally, I would’ve named them ‘Maple Moose Jerky’,” the blog reads. “In small handfuls, this flavor was tolerable.”

But that’s just a handful of opinions, and according the the end results, not in the majority. Newfoundlander LeFrense had confidence in his idea because he was breaking new ground.

“To be honest, mine is the most unique flavor of all because the other three have a taste like other chips that have already been made,”?LeFrense told The Telegram, the daily out of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

LeFrense, deputy mayor of his Newfoundland town, already knows what he’ll do with the cash: spoil his daughter and pay for his education. And oh yeah…

“I’m a Newfoundlander, so I’ll also treat myself to a boat!’

Do you think Maple moose represents Newfoundland? What other flavors does Newfoundland bring to mind?

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