‘Captain America 2’ Trailer Fights For Justice All Over Again [Video]

The Captain America 2 trailer is here to deal out justice all over again.

As Thor: The Dark World closes in on its release date, Marvel is wasting no time getting the next film ready for audiences worldwide. Though Captain America might have added patriotic value in the US, the super hero himself is actually quite a bit more widespread.

The last film before Joss Whedon wowed us with The Avengers, Captain America: The First Avenger impressed a lot of people who may have thought it was doomed like every other attempt before. However, Chris Evans gave us an incredible performance that silenced the critics and gave us a film worthy of the fans’ adoration, even if Steve Rogers’ head did look a bit large for his body in the beginning.

The Captain America 2 trailer helps introduce his rival/comrade the Winter Soldier, after whom the sequel as actually named. Initially his friend, Bucky Barnes was thought killed in the scuffle with the Red Skull. However, he was revived and turned into a brainwashed assassin who occasionally remembers Captain America as an ally. In the comics, the Winter Soldier has traded sides quite often, and might just do the same in this film.

Steve Rogers himself has spent the last two years since his role in The Avengers adjusting to modern times in Washington, D.C., and just when he thinks he can live quietly, a new threat arises. There is a plot that affects the globe, and Captain America is drawn right into the center of it. Of course, as the Captain America 2 movie title suggests, the Winter Soldier is right there on the other side of justice, giving Captain America a whole new headache.

‘Captain America 2’ has our hero up against the Winter Soldier

We finally see Robert Redford in the Captain America 2 trailer as Alexander Pierce, a high-ranking SHIELD operative who appears to be there to wake Steve Rogers up to the ways things have changed in the pursuit of justice.

Along the way, Captain America joins Black Widow in an effort to recruit another superhero known as the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. The Falcon has the ability to fly and speak telepathically with birds, which could mean that the Winter Soldier has taken to the skies to attempt his latest assassination.

It’s been said that Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a political thriller, but if the trailer is anything to go by, you will still get plenty of action. The Captain America 2 trailer is here and looks ready to fight for justice all over again.

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