Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel Becomes New ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’ [Photo]

Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel has become the new “ridiculously photogenic guy” after his photo, during a play against USC on Saturday, has taken the internet by storm.

The photo in question is going viral due to the incredible quality. It doesn’t hurt that McDaniel is very good looking, but it is truly remarkable how much the photo looks like a “pose” and not a live action shot. Exactly what the Fighting Irish want to be known for.

Cam McDaniel, Notre Dame’s running back has become an instant celebrity and the ladies are taking note of his handsome looks. Honestly, it looks like he’s not even trying.

Twitter users are suggesting modeling contracts with Abercrombie and Fitch or Adidas for McDaniel.

He is sure to get one or several invitations to appear in morning shows and discuss the now popular photo which you can see below.

During the play against USC, the Notre Dame running back loses his helmet and is carrying the ball as one of the opposing players is trying to grab it from him.

Believe it or not, the photo is taken during the game and Cam McDaniel looks like he is not even breaking a sweat.

Here is the close up of the Notre Dame running back. Is he actually in the middle of a play?

And the full shot, which shows Cam McDaniel is actually running. Unbelievable!

If that is not the best live action photo in the history of College Football, then we are not sure what is.

For Cam McDaniel the added attention might be a great thing if he’s interested in a modeling career, but we can bet he got plenty of teasing from his Notre Dame teammates in the locker room.

Oh and ladies, don’t get any ideas, the Notre Dame running back is engaged to a lovely young lady.

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