Capcom To Begin Work On A New Fighting Game

Virtual brawlers rejoice! Capcom is getting ready to begin work on a new fighting game.

The company that first put the Street Fighter franchise into the hands of armchair scrappers oh-so many years ago is reportedly ready to begin work on another video game featuring all sorts of hand-to-hand combat. According to executive producer Yoshinori Ono, Capcom is looking for people to help bring the project to life.

The announcement arrived on Twitter this morning (October 24). Although details about the fighter are few and far between, Ono confirmed that the company is getting ready to hire developers for the upcoming endeavor. Although it’s unknown which consoles will get the new game, the producer hinted that the title could arrive on next-generation machines.

“I want… no, Capcom wants game designer and programmer for new fighting game. Its location at Tokyo or Osaka Studio,” Ono explained in his recent post to his followers on Twitter.

Ono suggested that interested parties should speak fluent Japanese, have plenty of game development experience, and, above all else, have a strong passion for the genre. If you think you’ve got what it takes to deliver the proverbial goods, then Ono suggests contacting Capcom HQ.

According to CVG, Yoshinori Ono is presently hard at work on the online RPG Deep Down. Although the game is set in the future, players should anticipate plenty of dragons and otherworldly monsters during their adventures. The game is reportedly free-to-play.

Although fighting games lost their mainstream appeal for several years, the genre found a new life on current-gen consoles. Games such as Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken discovered a new generation of players ready and willing to square off against opponents from around the world. This writer is one of them.

Capcom isn’t the only company contributing to the genre these days. The folks at Microsoft will launch the highly-anticipated brawler Killer Instinct for Xbox One later this year. The latest iteration of the franchise arrived nearly two decades ago on the Nintendo 64. Not surprisingly, fans of the game are excited for its release.

If you’re a hardcore Street Fighter IV fan, then you’ll probably want to keep your eyes peeled for Capcom’s Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game will debut in Japanese arcades before it hits Xbox 360, PS3, and PC at some point next year.

Check out the trailer for the game below.

Are you a fan of Capcom? What do you think about the company working on a brand new fighting game for next-generation consoles?

[Image via Capcom]

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