Two-Minute Preroll Ads: The Future of Online Video?

You may soon start seeing some pretty long preroll ads popping up in online video, if new research by Hulu is taken to heart.

The online video network found 88 percent of its visitors prefer to see a two-minute ad before a video than to see four 30-second ads spread throughout the video. The finding is specific to 22-minute programs.

“The opt-in rate is proving this is something people want,” Hulu spokesperson Christina Lee tells AdAge. “We are trying to break down a lot of these very traditional ways of thinking about advertising,” she adds.

Hulu is also experimenting with letting users select the type of ad they see — something it believes increases engagement.

We suspect it may just increase trips to the kitchen to make a snack. But hey, whatever they want to believe.

(Via Silicon Alley Insider)


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