Duck Dynasty Scarecrow Thief Arrested, Why Did He Do It?

A Duck Dynasty scarecrow, made to look like Si Robertson from the hit television show, was stolen on Friday from its location in downtown Ball Ground, Georgia – and burned

The scarecrow took more than 40 hours to make by mothers from a fourth-grade class. It had an uncanny likeness to the Duck Dynasty star himself. After searching the area, the police found the burned remains of the scarecrow scattered in the yard of a 16-year-old local boy.

The police spokesman said: “We discovered after a little investigation that a juvenile had taken it. I made contact with the juvenile who lives a little further away and he admitted to taking it. It was nothing but ashes it was completely gone.”

So why did the teenager steal the Duck Dynasty scarecrow?

The Cherokee Tribune reported that City Manager Eric Wilmarth said the boy was passing through the town, saw it and wanted it:

“He was just passing through downtown Ball Ground and thought Uncle Si was pretty cool and wanted him. (He) just didn’t think about the consequences, and I am sure didn’t think there would be so much publicity. The young man has expressed remorse — he is sorry for what he did — it’s just one of those things you can’t back up and undo.”

So if the boy wanted the scarecrow so badly, why did he burn it in his yard?

The police said that he got scared after having stolen the scarecrow, and wanted to hide the evidence by burning it. For their part, the school is trying to make the best of the incident and are turning it into a learning experience.

Doug Knott, the school’s principal said:

“As you can imagine, the students were very proud of their creation and the positive attention he had received from the community and strangers alike. While it is very disappointing to think that someone would take the scarecrow, I’m sure the individual did not take the time to think through these actions. Though initially the loss was hurtful to our students and our community, our students are very forgiving and ready to move this into a positive learning experience.”

The suspect had been released on bail and it still remains to be seen what punishment he will receive for stealing and destroying the Duck Dynasty scarecrow.

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