Adobe Confronts iOS with Wallaby Flash-to-HTML5 converter

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad you probably get frustrated from time to time when Flash based videos and ads don’t pop up where they should. While Apple has completely abandoned Adobe Flash due to various issues, the truth of the matter is simple, Flash is currently the developers tool of choice and HTML5 is still in the early implementation stages.

Thankfully Adobe has a solution and has published a pre-release version of Wallaby, a program that takes flash files and converts them to HTML5 through the use of JavaScript, CSS and SVG with no plug-ins necessary.

Adobe first showed off Wallaby at Adobe MAX2010 and while the tool is limited at the moment, for example no Flash scripting is available and embedded video and sound are migrated, while some visual effects such as blends and 3D transformations are unsupported, it still shows potential for Adobe developers and Apple iOS users.

At the moment Wallaby also only supports WebKit based browsers such as Safari, Safari Mobile and Chrome. The tool can also not currently be used with games and even the most basic of interactions must be completed using JavaScript rewrites.

Basically Wallaby is a glorified Adobe Flash Ad creator with iOS support for iPhone and iPad devices.

If nothing else, the creation of Wallaby is a great way for Flash developers to continue using their Flash programming skills for at least a while after Adobe Flash has been replaced by HTML5.

If you’re a developer who has tried out Wallaby, feel free to let us know your first impressions of the technology.

[via ArsTechnica]

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