Justin Bieber Tells Fans ‘You Make Me Believe,’ Promises Movie Will Return In Kind [Video]

Justin Bieber appears to be having a ball on the Latin America leg of his Believe tour.

Yesterday, the singer dismissed reports he had been punched inside a Dominican Republic nightclub, instead posting a video of his recent Puerto Rico concert. The clip showed Bieber standing speechless onstage as a crowd of thousands rained cheers and whoops.

After soaking up the adulation for at least five minutes or so, the leather-clad Canadian clasped his breast and walked over to a piano.

“You make me believe,” he told the crowd, before launching into the song of the same name.

Back on Twitter, along with the video post, Justin wrote,

“This is one of those moments that you never forget. Our bond will never be broken. You make me BELIEVE. Thank you (sic).”

Over on manager Scooter Braun’s timeline, he echoed Bieber’s acknowledgment of fans.

“The new music is his #journal and it is a testament to that bond. The connection is real. Really an amazing thing to watch. An artist with a direct connection to his fans. A connection so strong it’s changing music. Jb & Beliebers,” Braun added.

If Bieber and Braun’s rhapsodizing brings you out in hives, it’s probably worth mentioning the pair have a lot to be grateful to ‘Beliebers’ for.

In the three weeks since the dynamic duo kicked off the 10-week “Music Mondays” release series, fans around the world have propelled the three singles and the feature “Wait For A Minute,” to the top of iTunes charts — or as near as.

“Heartbreaker” punched nearly 70 No. #1 spots, “All That Matters” racked up 58, “Hold Tight” held over a dozen top positions at its peak, and at press time, “Wait For A Minute” is No. #1 in Sweden, Norway and Holland, with Top Five rankings in several others.

In a new interview with Billboard, Braun said Justin’s personalized R&B-drenched releases are the singer “pouring his heart out” about his well-documented year to date and not about making “big international dance records.”

Critics are split over exactly how much range Bieber is showing in his relationship-orientated songs. But, if the rest of his “Music Mondays” singles does stick on the throes of teen love, the forthcoming movie-documentary Believe is designed to meet the gap.

“We developed the film with [director] Jon Chu throughout the year. We shot it in Miami. We had a film ready that was basically about his concert and how it all came together that was pretty much in the “This Is It” vein,” Braun told Billboard.

He continued, “And then all this press and all these rumors came out about Justin over the last six months, and he went through a very tough time. We decided that there were so many rumors coming that there was no point in addressing them.”

For Bieber’s part, after finally shaking off a mistaken reckless driving allegation hanging over since May, an alleged hit-and-run, a battery accusation and a false second paternity claim, among other items, the singer seems optimistic the movie will change perceptions about him.

“Saw a new trailer for #BelieveMovie. Going to be better than Never Say Never. This movie is the truth! who is in? #ChristmasDay,” the 19-year-old tweeted earlier (Oct. 23), adding, “u are going to see a side of life you cant even imagine. you are going to fly (sic).”

That’s big talk and the proof will be in the seeing. But, if nothing else, “Music Mondays” and efforts of the singer’s fans has returned the conversation — albeit not entirely — back to Bieber’s music.

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