Doctor diagnoses 4-year-old’s leukemia over Facebook

A family in England was able to get their child diagnosed and treated for a serious illness after the kid’s dad posted a picture of the boy’s rash on Facebook.

Four-year-old Ted Rice’s dad, 34-year-old Philip, said he posted the picture of his son’s rash because he thought something was amiss. He explained:

“I had a gut feeling something was wrong so I posted the pic… That photo probably saved us.”

Among Phillip’s Facebook friends was a doctor named Sara Barton, who immediately recognized the symptom as an indicator of of acute lymphocytic leukemia. Barton advised Rice to take his son to the hospital for immediate treatment. Barton said:

“Philip just happened to mention, on Facebook of all places, that Ted had this rash.”

Ted was taken to the hospital after Barton sent the message, and diagnosed immediately with the disease. He is currently receiving a three-year-long course of chemotherapy, and his chances of survival are estimated to be about 75%.

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