‘Little Women’ Adaptation Rebooting For Sony

Are you ready to see Little Women for this generation? It seems as though the tale of Little Women makes a go around for every generation. This time around it looks like Sony may snatch up the American novel for a reboot of the classic film.

This isn’t the only reboot the film has seen. If Sony goes through with an adaptation for Little Women, this will be the sixth adaptation in the last century, and that doesn’t even include two televised animated shows from the 80s, a musical of Little Women, and even an opera. One would think we would be tired of hearing about Jo and her troubles, but that isn’t so.

For those who are not familiar with the American classic novel, it was written in the late 18th century. The novel centers around the lives of four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March, and the events that lead up to their lives as young women. Some consider Little Women to be an important coming of age novel for women, while others have said that Little Women is more of a romance novel. The novel is usually studied for its three major themes, which are work, true love, and domesticity amongst woman.

The last adaptation of Little Women was in 1994, with Winona Ryder in the lead role of Jo. Back then Ryder was in the middle of becoming a rising star, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Sony cast someone who was at the same stature for this generation. In addition to Ryder, Trini Alvarado played Meg, Claire Danes was Beth, and Kirsten Dunst was cast as Amy March.

Sony plans to revisit the Louisa May Alcott classic, with the screenwriting being handled over to Olivia Milch. Milch is the daughter of Deadwood creator David Milch, so if she’s anything like her father this should be something exciting to see.

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