NFL’s Most Disliked Player Is Michael Vick [Survey]

The NFL’s most disliked player is Michael Vick, which comes as no surprise, even though it’s been more than four years since Vick was released from prison. While Vick has performed well since his release, he’s still stuck at the top of the list.

A survey from E-Poll Market Research put the statistics out, showing Vick at the top, closely followed by Manti Te’o, Ndamukong Suh, and Ben Roethlisberger.

While the survey was done by E-Poll, Forbes put the list together and presented it on Monday. And, as author Tom Van Riper notes, Vick’s “bankrolling” in the world of dog fighting will likely stain his name forever.

The survey for the NFL’s most disliked players is based on public opinion of the players related to likeability, awareness, confidence, and other attributes. While Vick still scores well with hardcore NFL fans, more casual fans still link him with his legal troubles.

Forbes’ final results included only current NFL players whose awareness with the public was at least 10 percent. While Vick’s dog fighting woes kept him at the top, the survey showed that Te’o’s bizarre “fake girlfriend” scandal is still fresh in the public eye.

While some may find it surprising to see Tom Brady’s name on the list, others (men in particular) don’t, notes Yahoo! News. E-Poll Chief Executive Gerry Philpott explained that the Patriots’ quarterback is loved by women, but a lot of men see him more as an “upper-crust pretty boy.” Philpott explained, “He’s not the guy you think would come to your house and watch the Super Bowl with a couple of beers.”

It should come as no surprise that Mark Sanchez came in at Number 5 on the list, considering Jets fans are still frustrated by last year’s “butt fumble.” However, he may or may not make next year’s list, as some analysts believe the Jets will release him by the end of the season.

Did you expect to see Michael Vick is the NFL’s most disliked player? If you disagree, who would you put in his place?

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