2009 NFL Draft two years out: Washington Redskins

The 2009 Draft class of the Washington Redskins is really all about one player, Brian Orakpo, because the wasted the rest of their picks. Granted one year after this draft the Redskins had a regime change, but that does not take away teh fact that the 2009 draft class only delivered one player.

Here is a quick look at the picks made by the Redskins in 2009:

  • Round One (13)- Brian Orakpo LB/DE
  • Round Three (80)- Kevin Barnes CB
  • Round Five (158)- Cody Glenn LB
  • Round Six (186)- Robert Henderson LB
  • Round Seven (221)- Eddie Williams TE/FB
  • Round Seven (243)- Marko Mitchell WR

So Brian Orakpo has been pretty good. He has racked up 20 sacks in two season and that makes him a force on the 34 defense employed by this team. CB Kevin Barnes has played some but has not been anything special. Cody Glenn is now with the Indianapolis Colts, and Robert Henson has only played in six games.

Each year it gets harder and harder to say that Orakpo can save this draft. The reality here is teams need to get more from their allotment of draft picks each year, but it seems clear Orakpo was a fine draft pick. In the end they just didn’t get enough from the other picks, and that seems to indicate that those players should not have been selected.

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