Matt Damon’s ‘Man Area’ Is Private, Small, And Only His

Matt Damon has a special “man area” where he hides when things get hectic at home. Damon says he uses the hiding place when he needs to step away from his wife and four daughters for a few moments of quite time.

The actors “man area” is still a work in progress but he seems happy about having a place to call his own.

Speaking to PEOPLE about his ability to relax Damon explains: “I barely manage. I do have a little ‘man area’ that I can go to that is kind of mine that they don’t know about.”

So how does a rich and powerful Hollywood A-lister deck out his man cave? He doesn’t. Matt Damon explains that his man area is nothing more than “a couple Sports Illustrateds and my iPhone… basically like a closet where I go and shut myself in if the estrogen gets too crazy.”

Damon admits that his special “man area” is still a work in progress but also “my happy place.”

Don’t think for a second that Damon is always hiding from his family. He says date nights with wife Luciana are always special. They use that time to catch up and talk. Damon says they are “vigilant” in planning date nights to make sure they have some catch up time.

In other Matt Damon news, the Hollywood heavyweight was honored this week at the 23rd Annual Environmental Media Awards in Burbank, California.

With more thrillers on the horizon and his directorial debut we suspect that he will need a little more alone time in the near future.

If you’re a parent you can probably related to needing a moment alone throughout the day. While I agree with Damon’s idea I would prefer not to spend that alone time locked away inside a closet. Surely his mansion is big enough to give him some extra space. I picture him cowering in a dark closet in some unfinished cobwebby part of his home.

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