Justin Bieber: ‘Hold Tight’ Hits Multiple #1, Lady Gaga Reigns In North America

Justin Bieber’s new single “Hold Tight” scores No. #1 spots on iTunes in several countries, but it is Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want ft. R. Kelly” from her upcoming ARTPOP album that reigns in North America.

At press time, Gaga is holding at No. #1 on iTunes US, Canada, Mexico, and New Zealand.

Bieber sits at No. #2 on the same charts with the exception of New Zealand.

In the US, Lorde’s long player “Royals” positioned at No. #3, Taylor Swift’s “Sweeter Than Fiction” holds at No. #4, Katy Perry’s “Roar” hit No. #5, while Eminem’s “Rap God” remains No. #6.

Elsewhere, Bieber’s “Hold Tight” punched No. #1 spots in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Singapore, Brazil, India, Israel, Finland, Holland, Portugal, Turkey, Philippines, Malaysia, Ukraine and Indonesia.

Produced by The Audibles, the 19-year-old’s retro, R&B mid-tempo arrived on iTunes before the midnight premiere, technically arriving Sunday (Oct. 20).

“Hold Tight” finds Bieber consumed by an intimate relationship he can’t resist.

“Don’t let this go to your head but you’re the best I’ve ever had / Not to mention That thing is swollen / You got me oh so in the trance,” the Canadian sings on the verse. “Something like a zip lock, but a lip lock / Want you wrapped around me like a wrist watch / Oh, so hard walking out / Got me stuck like crazy glue, ooh.”

The chorus repeats, “They hold on tight / Yeah, they hold on tight / Ooh, they hold on tight / Them lips won’t let me go / Lips won’t let me go, lips won’t let me go, oh.”

In a note on iTunes Justin explained,”This song is about the one you can’t shake. I am a hopeless romantic so when I love someone, I never want to let them go,”.

“This song is about the rush you get when you have that feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t let that person go. You just want to hold on as tight as you can. I tried to capture that with this one. And one more thing: it is never a bad thing to make a lady feel something inside she has never felt before. Make her feel like a real lady. Hold tight girl (sic),” he added.

“Hold Tight” is the third single from Bieber’s 10-week “Music Mondays” series.

Previous tracks — “Heartbreaker” and “All That Matters” — hit No. #1 on multiple iTunes charts at their peak.

Speculation that Justin’s “Music Mondays” songs refer to his relationship with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez is likely to continue with his latest track.

Later on Monday, Bieber took to Twitter thanking fans for their support.

Manager Scooter Braun noted the teen star’s worldwide No. #1’s, while congratulating Lady Gaga and R. Kelly’s success.

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