'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans 'Concerned' for Tammy Slaton After Spotting Amy 'Sabotaging' Sibling’s Weight Loss

'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans 'Concerned' for Tammy Slaton After Spotting Amy 'Sabotaging' Sibling’s Weight Loss
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The latest season of 1000-Lb Sisters has been full of drama, with fans growing concerned for Tammy Slaton's weight loss journey after her sister Amy Slaton was spotted trying to sabotage her progress. The reality TV show has been following the journey of Tammy and Amy as they battle obesity, and it appears that the unspoken jealousy between the sisters is causing rifts and concern among fans.

According to The Sun, Tammy has been making progress, shedding an impressive 300 pounds after undergoing bariatric surgery in the summer of 2022. She has since lost an additional 150 pounds, making her the sister with the most significant weight loss on the show. Meanwhile, Amy has lost 125 pounds since starting her weight loss journey, but some fans say she has put off further weight loss to care for her children.



The latest developments have only added to the drama, with Amy being spotted showing off her impressive 125-pound weight loss outside her Kentucky home. She was wearing a striped T-shirt with shoulder cut-outs and black pants, looking much slimmer than she did in season one of the show. Meanwhile, Tammy was caught breaking her strict diet by grabbing a fast food meal and clutching a McDonald's takeout bag while Amy sat in the back seat of the car.

As per photographs from news outlets, the sisters made their way back home, after pulling through the fast food joint. Amy was also spotted holding a Wendy's drink as she exited the car and walked up their driveway.


It seems that Tammy's success has caused a rift between the sisters, with Amy being jealous of her sister's progress. In the show, Amy often makes fun of Tammy for being the "bigger sister," but it appears that Tammy is catching up on her weight-loss goals, making Amy feel left behind. Fans worry that Amy may try to keep Tammy heavier so that she can maintain her status as the "smaller sister."

The growing rivalry between the sisters has some fans worrying that it may lead to sabotage and an undoing of all of Tammy's hard work. In a Reddit chat room, one fan hypothesized that Amy is afraid she will become the "bigger sister" one day, which is why she wants to get back on her weight loss journey. They also noted that being the biggest sibling in their family must be a depressing and daunting role, which may be contributing to the sisters' toxic relationship.



It is evident that the sisters' relationship is complicated, with some fans believing that Tammy is jealous of Amy, while others believe that Amy likes feeling superior to Tammy. As close as they are, they seem to be toxic for each other, with their unspoken jealousy causing rifts that could potentially sabotage their progress.

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