Green Tech Timeline

Ecocapsules Makes It Possible To Live Off-The-Grid Globally

Ecosphere in Mountains

Because of the rising cost of living, accompanied by inflation woes, many people have found downsizing to be a viable option. What this means is people — whether individuals, couples, or families — are choosing to live in smaller, sometimes portable, dwellings over renting or owning. The Inquisitr reported on examples around the world, such… Read more »

Oxygen-Producing Synthetic Leaf May Allow Man To Colonize Space

The synthetic leaves create oxygen from a mixture of water and light.

An artificial, synthetic leaf that has recently been developed turns water and light into oxygen, and along with the possible environmental benefits, the invention may have implications that are out of this world. The synthetic leaf is the brainchild of Royal College of Art graduate Julian Melchiorri, according to IFLScience. The leaf technology was developed… Read more »

Revolutionary Solar Breakthrough Threatened By Budget Cuts

solar plant

In a world where climate change is devastating the landscape, efficient green energy technologies have taken a forefront in the public eye. While solar power is already helping run our world, it has yet to meet the expectations required to compete with oil and coal. In current commercial solar energy plants prices are sadly higher… Read more »

Woody Harrelson Says ‘Two Boxes Of My Paper Saves One Tree’

woody harrelson

Woody Harrelson is not only a fine actor. He is also a dedicated environmentalist and the co-founder of a company called Prairie Paper Ventures; the company makes paper from crop waste instead of trees. At one time people believed that the advent of computers would bring the “paperless office.” Few predictions have been so spectacularly… Read more »

Sikorsky Prize: AeroVelo Wins $250K For First Human-Powered Helicopter

Sikorsky prize AeroVelo

The Sikorsky Prize was officially awarded to AeroVelo on Thursday after a month-long independent analysis of a June 13 test flight of a human-powered helicopter. Click the button up top to see the amazing test flight of the helicopter dubbed “Atlas” for yourself. The Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition was first announced in… Read more »