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Honeybees In Australia Suffer Record Shattering Deaths

australian honeybees

Honeybees in Australia are suffering the same dire situation as their insect cousins in the United States and in England. The beekeeper industry is urging lawmakers to enact more stringent biosecurity measures the protect the pollinates from an immediate and devastation pest. Australian honeybees are being destroyed by the Varroa mite in record numbers, according… Read more »

Honeybees Spreading Disease To Bumblebee Population [Study]

colony collapse disorder

It’s bad news for bumblebees. The two pathogens which are infecting honeybees and playing a role in Colony Collapse Disorder are now spreading to their insect cousins. A study published in the journal Nature revealed that disease spillover long assumed by scientists is now clearly present in the bumble population. Deformed wing virus (DWV) has… Read more »

FERC Report Says Power Grid Would Fail If Just Nine Substations Go Down

American Blackout

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) power grid report revealed that the United States is at risk of a national blackout from just a small scale attack. If a coordinated act of terrorism occurred on just the handful of electric-transmission substations noted in the report, a complete power grid failure would likely occur. Just a… Read more »

GMO Labeling Bills Nearing Deadline In Massachusetts

massachusetts gmo

GMO labeling bills in Massachusetts must get pushed through committee very quickly if they have any hope of being considered in front of the full legislative body. Five bills pushing for mandatory food labels which promote a consumer’s right to know what they are putting in their mouths, were proposed in Massachusetts. If the bills… Read more »

Hundreds Of Keystone Pipeline Protesters Arrested Outside White House

Keystone pipeline protests

Hundreds of protesters against the Keystone Pipeline XL were arrested right outside the White House. The activist group, known as XL Dissent, led the charge against the production of the Keystone Pipeline XL. For their efforts, they were arrested but their united voice was heard. The Keystone Pipeline XL is a major project the president… Read more »

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Linked To Kidney Disease [Study]

roundup ready

Monsanto’s Roundup Ready could be linked to a fatal kidney disease, according to a new study about the popular chemical herbicide. A chronic kidney disease which appears to be plaguing poor farmers in multiple regions around the world might be linked to the weed killer sold by the biotech giant. The International Journal of Environmental… Read more »

Do GMO Crops Increase Yields? New Report Says Maybe Not

GMO yields USDA report

Genetically modified crops first appeared in the United States more than 15 years ago. While some American farmers claim they benefit from growing GE seeds (genetically engineered) instead of heirloom seeds, the negative impact on honeybees, and quite possibly human health and the environment as well, still abound. GMO crops do not necessarily provide a… Read more »

Honeybees Get a ‘Bailout’ From The USDA

australian honeybees

The USDA announced yesterday that the federal agency will spend $3 million to feed honeybees in the Midwest. The endeavor will reportedly aid ranchers and farmers in an effort to improve pastures. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, honeybees have been dying off in alarming numbers. Colony collapse disorder has largely been blamed on an… Read more »

Eminent Domain: Colorado Couple May Lose Dream Cabin Over ATV Usage

white river national forest

A Colorado couple might lose their cabin home because they use an ATV to reach the property. The Summit County Commissioners voted recently to use eminent domain statutes to seize 10 acres of Andy and Ceil Barrie’s home after learning about the ATV used to get to the cabin. Andy Barrie no longer feels like… Read more »

Smart Grid Funding Dwindles As Energy Industry Reviews The Power Grid Project

first aid tips

The Obama administration funding for a smart grid is winding down. Energy leaders are now assessing how the project has progressed. Opponents to the smart grid and smart meters remain vocal in their opposition to the project, citing privacy, national security, and health issues among the reasons for their views. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association… Read more »

GMO Ban Proposed In Oregon


Oregon organic farmers are growing increasingly concerned about GMO contamination. Willamette Valley is not being viewed as a “test case” for farming coexistence in our increasingly genetically modified world. Organic Trade Association Executive Vice President Laura Batcha said, “The Wilamette Valley is a test case. You have to be able to make coexistence work there… Read more »

Off The Grid Living Deemed Illegal In Cape Coral, Florida

robin speronis

Off the grid living was just deemed illegal in a Cape Coral, Florida home. Special Magistrate Harold S. Eskin ruled that local codes do allow homeowner Robin Speronis to have a home without utility power, but do mandate that she hook into the city’s water system. Any alternative source of power for the home must… Read more »

Farmers Warned To Be On Lookout For ‘Superweeds’

superweeds and agent orange

Illinois farmers are being warned by agriculture experts to be on the lookout for “superweeds.” These quickly and tall-growing weeds have become resistant to popular chemical herbicides, like Monsanto’s Roundup Ready. Although the warned has been issued specifically to Illinois growers, farmers across the country are facing similar problems. More than one dozen different superweed… Read more »

Keystone XL Pipeline Eminent Domain Case Heats Up In Nebraska

keystone XL eminent domain

The fate of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline still hangs in the balance, but a lesser known aspect of the debate now faces a court challenge in Nebraska. Three property owners in the state maintain that their elected representatives gave Governor Dave Heineman the authority to take away their land for the pipeline project. The… Read more »

Illinois Residents Fight Back Against Smart Meters

smart grid

Resisting smart meters installation in Illinois will prompt monthly fines. Residents in the state, much like their peers in other towns across America, are being forced to allow the controversial high-tech devices into their homes. The Obama administration began pushing for smart power and a smart grid in 2009. President Barack Obama wanted to use… Read more »

Organic Farmer Sues Neighbor Over GMO Contamination

monsanto lawsuit

An organic farmer is suing a neighboring growing for GMO contamination of his land. The first of its kind lawsuit could set a precedent and major blow to biotech giant Monsanto, if Steve Marsh wins his case. Since 1997 the Big Ag company has filed 145 lawsuit against farmers for reusing its patented genetically modified… Read more »

Beekeepers And Honeybees Failing Due To GMO Crops [Report]

gmo soybeans honeybees

Beekeepers in Mexico are fearful that GMO crops are killing the honeybee. A new study published by Scientific Report stated that genetically modified seeds are “bad news” for Mexican beekeepers and specifically points to GMO soybeans as a threat. Mexico is the fourth largest producer of honey in the entire world. The presence of GMO… Read more »

GMO Soybeans: Growers Pushing For Federal GMO Labeling Law

gmo labeling

GMO soybeans allegedly contain more of the toxic glyphosate chemical than traditionally grown soybeans. The American Soybean Association is pressuring Congress to pass a federal GMO labeling law. The same recently group joined efforts with newly formed a coalition for safe affordable food to push the movement forward. The GMO soybeans and labeling activists want… Read more »

Chick-Fil-A Switching To Antibiotics-Free Chicken

free range chicken

Chick-fil-A will soon begin selling only antibiotics-free chicken. America’s largest fast food chicken retailer recently announced a five-year plan which chicken suppliers must strictly adhere to if they want the Atlanta-based business to serve their poultry in its 1,800 locations. Chick-fil-A is urging all current suppliers to work closely with the US Department of Agriculture… Read more »

Solar Flares ‘Pop’ As Titanic Magnetism Riles Up The Sun


Solar flares have increased significantly in the past several days due to titanic magnetism creating major clusters of sunspots. A video from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft gives viewers an up close and personal look at the action unfolding on the Sun. A plethora of “tangled lines” in two active, bright regions of the Sun… Read more »

Monsanto Blamed For Monarch Butterfly Deaths

monsanto roundup ready

Monsanto is being blamed for the disappearance of monarch butterflies. The biotech giant’s Roundup Ready herbicide has been noted the mostly likely killer by at least one scientists who has tracked the population of the North American butterflies for many years. The World Wildlife Fund recently announced statistics for last year’s monarch butterfly migration from… Read more »

EPA Threatens To Fine Farmer $37,500 Every Time It Rains

lois alt

The EPA is threatening to fine a West Virginia chicken farmer $37,500 every single time it rains. Lois Alt has been farming pretty much all of her life. She is used to battling bad weather, fluctuating poultry prices, and loss of livestock, but she may now be in the fight for her very existence. Alt… Read more »

Water Drought Expected To Cause Food Price Increases

water drought

California cities and institutions have resorted to “exceptional measures” to deal with drought issues, and mandatory water restrictions have now become the norm in the state. While humans are certainly affected by the lack of water, some environmental experts are worried that the California area drought could also cause the extinction of several animal species…. Read more »

Urban Farming: Food In The Sky Design Touted As Climate Change Aid

food in the sky

High-rise farming is the latest trend in the urban gardening movement. If the new practice proves successful, city dwellers could soon be strolling along a sixth floor orchard to pick fresh apples for an evening snack from their very own “farmescraper.” The “food in the sky” or sky farming concept may conjure up images of… Read more »

Property Rights: Virginia Farmers Under Attack And Ready To Fight Back


A Virginia property rights bill that could aid the buy local movement in the state is being heralded by area farmers. The legislation was proposed in reaction to the “pitchfork protests” which occurred in Fauquier County last year when local grower Martha Boneta was cited for selling homemade products on her farm. Government officials threatened… Read more »

GMO Apples Coming To A Supermarkt Near You

genetically modified apples

GMO apples could find their way into a produce bin at your local grocery store. If the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a pending policy, an apple a day might no longer keep the doctor away. GMO labeling is not yet a reality, so genetically modified apples (GE) could potentially also find their way… Read more »

EPA Wood Stove Bans Include 80 Percent Of Burners Now On The Market

woodburner ban

The EPA wood stove or woodburner ban will impact 80 percent of the alternative heating devices now on the market. The Environmental Protection Agency is currently inviting public comment on the proposed controversial regulations. Off grid families and many folks living in rural areas rely on wood stoves to heat their homes. The regulations limit… Read more »

Ten-Term Congressman Now Living Off The Grid In Appalachia

roscoe bartless

Roscoe Bartlett, one of the longest serving Congressmen in history, has ditched his suit and tie and opted for an off grid existence. The former Maryland Representative is now living somewhere in the vast wilderness and mountains of West Virginia, far from the stresses of the Washington, DC, beltway. The octogenarian lost his final run… Read more »

Michigan Considering Farm Animals Ban

property rights

Michigan is considering a farm animals ban. Residents who keep just one critter which the state deems a “farm animal” could face still penalties. Opponents to the potential law widely consider the move an infringement on property rights. The Michigan Right to Farm Act currently allows residents who live in areas zoned either commercial or… Read more »

Is The FDA Waging A War On Artisan Cheese?

morningland dairy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is reportedly waging a new war on raw milk cheese, also known as artisan cheese. An article published in the Gourmet Retailer, a trade association, revealed that the FDA will begin testing a new “microbiological sampling surveillance model” which will be analyzed for contamination from salmonella and E. coli…. Read more »

Raisin Growers File Lawsuit Against USDA

raisin farmers

Raisin growers are fighting back against the USDA. Struggling small farmers have banded together to tell the federal government they will no longer turn over 47 percent of their raisin crop to the USDA each year. A little known and antiquated Depression era law still on the books allows the United States Department of Agriculture… Read more »

‘Superweeds’ Causing Concern For Farmers, Chemical Pesticides Blamed

chemical pesticides

Weed management professionals are reportedly growing more concerned about the superweeds problem and seeking new ways to combat the issue. For the past 15 years, Roundup Ready, a popular Monsanto chemical herbicide, has been used as weed-controlling mechanism. Some farmers are going back to the old-fashioned hand weed pulling or expensive mechanical tilling practice to… Read more »

Off Grid Living Expert Robert Henry Shares Self-Reliance Tips

robert henry survival

A growing portion of Americans are opting to go off the grid and live a more self-reliant lifestyle. Some of the folks who chose a more simplistic existence did so out for environmental reasons, others relocated because they are “preppers” concerned about economic and political issues. Renowned survivalist Robert Henry has a plethora of preparedness… Read more »