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Green Hawaii: 100 Percent Renewable Energy To Power Island State By 2045

Green Hawaii: 100 Percent Renewable Energy To Power Island State By 2045

With “going green” being the most popular trend in environmental activism these days, it’s no wonder that nations around the world are doing their best to adapt to the growing concerns of their people and are attempting to find new and improved renewable energy sources to power the world. Hawaii has stepped their renewable energy… Read more »

Planting A Billion Trees A Year With Drones: Led By ex-NASA Engineer American Company To Remotely Reforest The World

Planting A Billion Trees A Year With Drones

An American company has earnestly begun planning to replant deforested areas using drones. The company plans to plant a billion trees per year remotely. In their effort to remedy the ill-effects of massive levels of deforestation, U.S-based organization, BioCarbon Engineering has decided it will begin planting a billion saplings using remotely-operated drones. Led by ex-NASA… Read more »

Scientists Link Drilling To Earthquakes, Next Big One Might Be Man-Made

Drilling Earthquakes

The recent U.S. drilling boom is almost certainly causing earthquakes; that’s the conclusion of a growing number of reports including a recent study from the U.S. Geological Survey. Although the earthquakes have been minor so far, scientists warn that disturbing the ancient faults could set off a much larger disaster. According to the AP, the… Read more »

Lowe’s Phasing Out Neonicotinoids After Public Pressure To Save The Honeybees


Lowe’s will begin phasing out neonicotinoids in all stores. Neonicotinoids are used in a host of popular chemical herbicides and pesticides and may be linked to the massive deaths of honeybees which have been occurring since 2005. A 2014 Harvard study states that neonicotinoids are likely a colony collapse disorder culprit. Honeybees provide pollination for… Read more »

Portland Pesticide Ban Passed To Help Protect Honeybees

portland bans pesticides

Portland banned pesticides in an effort to protect the honeybees. Elected officials in the Oregon city passed the pesticide ban ordinance on Wednesday. The law prohibits any insecticide use on public lands within the municipality. Some Portland farmers argued that pesticide or insecticide use is integral for their crop production. The Portland City Council voted… Read more »

Walter Cronkite Reported Climate Change Warnings 35 Years Ago

Walter Cronkite Wins Emmy

Walter Cronkite warned of a new ice age and looming global warming decades ago. The American broadcast journalist came into the homes of millions of Americans as the anchor newscaster for CBS Evening News for 19 years. According to a story by CBS News, Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. was named “the most trusted man in… Read more »

Tampons Serve As Ultra-Cheap, But Super-Efficient Water Contamination Testers

Tampons Serve As Ultra-Cheap, But Super-Efficient Water Contamination Testers

Water quality and treatment engineers have come up with a novel and cost-efficient technique to monitor the water supplies and sources for contamination. Feminine hygiene products are now being inserted into streams and sewers around Yorkshire, UK. That’s because researchers have discovered a novel ancillary usage of tampons. These products, it turns out, can effectively… Read more »

GMO Labeling: National Regulations Bill Moves To Senate

national gmo labeling law

GMO labeling on a national scale might soon become a reality. The state of Idaho is preparing to push the federal government to adopt a nationwide genetically modified food labeling law, but only a voluntary one. Republican Representative Steve Miller, who is also an organic wheat farmer, is the sponsor of the GMO labeling law…. Read more »