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Monsanto Gets Roundhouse Kicked! Chuck Norris Criticizes Inventors of Roundup

Chuck Norris: American Flag Haters Prove The U.S. Has 'Gone Awry'

Over the last couple of years, more people have become aware of Monsanto, the company known for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Agent Orange, and Roundup. Most of this awareness was found through independent studies conducted by universities on their products. Unfortunately for Monsanto, the finds have been negative. As a result, certain parties have taken… Read more »

Milk Bust Coming? Farmers Pouring Milk Down The Drain

milk bust

Milk sales boomed and hit a record high in 2014, but now some agricultural experts are predicting a milk bust in 2015. Dairy farmers are pouring milk down the drain as milk prices plummet. Global overproduction of milk is largely being blamed for the anticipated milk bust. Dairy farmers are worried about losing their businesses… Read more »

Hello Kitty Goes Green With An Organic Farm

A new Hello Kitty organic farm has opened in Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty has had many jobs in her life as a childhood icon. She’s been a maid, an office worker, and even a pilot. Now, she’s taken on a new profession: farming. According to Modern Farmer a new 50,000 square foot organic farm has opened in Hong Kong. Called “Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm,”… Read more »

GMO Labeling Law In Vermont Could Be Thwarted By Federal Judge

gmo labeling

GMO labeling laws in Vermont may be over before ever fully enacted. A federal judge, Christian Reiss, is currently pondering if the first GMO labeling law in the country should even go into effect. Judge Reiss has issued “probing questions” for both sides of a pending genetically modified labeling lawsuit. The Grocery Manufacturers Association filed… Read more »

Watch As Bill Gates Drinks Human Poop Transformed Into Something Tasty!

Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the genius mind behind Microsoft, has been far more active in social and political issues as of late. The Inquisitr has reported on the latest news pertaining to Gates’ progressive endeavors for a better world after his time trying to perfect the computer operating system. One of Gates’ serious endeavors was providing low-cost… Read more »

GMO Lawsuit: Iowa Farmers Are Suing Syngenta


Iowa farmers are suing biotech giant Syngenta over GMO contamination which prompted China to cancel corn orders and refuse shipments. Genetically modified (GMO) corn was rejected by China last year because Beijing officials considered the genetically engineered crop strain “contaminated.” The specific type of corn, Syngenta AG’s Agrisure Viptera, had not been approved by China…. Read more »

Superweeds Are Winning The Battle Against Farmers

gmo crops

Superweeds will now face a stronger chemical pesticide in an effort to curtail the ongoing problem of the massive, difficult to kill, and unwanted growth. The EPA recently approved a new chemical pesticide, against the objections of many environmentalists and organic farmers. Enlist Duo is a mix of glyphosate and an herbicide called 2,4-D and… Read more »

GMO Ban In Los Angeles Losing Support, Regulation Might Be Dead

genetically modified

A GMO ban in Los Angeles is reportedly losing support, and may not happen at all. Just three days before local lawmakers were slated to vote on a ban on all genetically-modified crops, a massive lobbying effort was embarked upon by a biotech trade group. The GMO ban had easily made its way through the… Read more »

Climate Change: How Humanity Stands To Benefit [Video]

Climate Change Benefits

Climate change has a positive and negative effect on various aspects of life on our planet, including ecological, economic, and humanitarian. A strong debate prevails on whether climate change is due to natural or anthropogenic causes. Nevertheless, many do not recognize the positive effects of climate change. For instance, one of the main benefits of… Read more »

Neonicotinoids Use Restrictions Enacted, Beekeepers Rejoice

chemical pesticides ban

Neonicotinoids restrictions enacted in Ontario have beekeepers in Canada rejoicing, and their peers in others regions and nations hopeful for similar legislation. The Ontario neonicotinoids restrictions state that the chemical pesticides popular with biotech giants like Monsanto will be restricted by 80 percent by 2017. A 2014 Harvard study states that neonicotinoids – the dominant… Read more »

Agenda 21 Bill In Missouri Seeks To Thwart United Nations Plan In The State

missouri agenda 21

An Agenda 21 bill in Missouri reportedly seeks to protect the state from the mandates of the United Nations plan. Missouri Representative Mike Moon introduced House Bill 216 in order to amend state statute and prohibit political subdivisions from enacting Agenda 21 projects. Agenda 21 is a voluntary, non-binding UN action plan which is allegedly… Read more »

U.N. Climate Talks Go Into Overtime

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks for urgency at the U.N. climate talks

It was reported by BBC News today that climate talks lasted beyond the close of business on the final day of the talks designed to hammer out a final treaty to be signed into action in Paris next year. While the eternal division between the rich and the poor has created greater conflict in the… Read more »

A Study Of Antarctica Ice Glaciers Reveals Cause For Concern


Antarctica ice glaciers are melting much faster than had been previously thought, according to the results of recent studies on the region. Newly analyzed data of 21 years of ice glacier study at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in conjunction with the University of California, Irvine, found that the rate at which ice glaciers are melting… Read more »