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GMO Labeling: National Regulations Bill Moves To Senate

national gmo labeling law

GMO labeling on a national scale might soon become a reality. The state of Idaho is preparing to push the federal government to adopt a nationwide genetically modified food labeling law, but only a voluntary one. Republican Representative Steve Miller, who is also an organic wheat farmer, is the sponsor of the GMO labeling law…. Read more »

H7N9 Bird Flu Is Mutating, Sparks Pandemic Concerns

bird flu

The H7N9 bird flu strain is mutating and is now reportedly being spread from chicken flocks to duck flocks. Agriculture researchers reportedly feel that the H7N9 mutation poses a “bigger threat” to “humanity” than the former strain. Recent avian flu concerns regarding chicken, duck, and turkey flocks have left some citizens with pandemic concerns. The… Read more »

‘New MacDonald’ Video Goes Viral: Children Share Their Views On GMOs

new macdonald movement

The “New MacDonald” video has gone viral. A group of children got creative and developed a new take on “Old McDonald Had a Farm” to highlight what they feel are the dangers of GMOs and other industrialized agriculture tactics. The New Macdonald Movement was sponsored by Only Organic. The groups worked in conjunction with a… Read more »

Obama Urged To Do Something To Protect The Honeybees By Four Million Environmental Advocates


President Obama is being swarmed by four million environmental activists pushing for substantial protections for honeybees. A massive coalition of food safety activists, beekeepers, citrus growers, farmers, environmentalists, and business leaders recently converged upon the White House to deliver a save the bees petition. The White House honeybees rally comes just prior to expected action… Read more »

Are GMOs Safe? Scientists Can’t Seem To Agree On The Matter


Are GMOs safe? Those eager for a definitive response from the scientific community on the hotly-debate agriculture topic will have to continue waiting for an answer. Just days after the biotech industry garnered approval to put the world’s first GMO apple on the market, food safety advocates released a report in response to the suggestion… Read more »

GMO Apples That Don’t Brown Approved, Prompting Food Safety Debate

genetically modified apples

GMO apples which “don’t brown” were just approved by the USDA despite stiff objections from organic growers and food safety activists. The genetically modified apple is the first apple which will allegedly not brown after being sliced or bruised. The GMO apple was developed by the company Okanagan Specialty Fruits. The biotech company reportedly uses… Read more »

GMO Labeling Law Re-Introduced With Bi-Partisan Support In Congress


GMO labeling legislation is being reintroduced in both houses of Congress by Democratic Senators. Renowned Chef Tom Colicchio joined with California Senator Barbara Boxer, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Oregon Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio on the bipartisan bill introduced this week. If passed, the GMO labeling that would finally give American consumers more information about… Read more »

Climate Change Panel Warns Geoengineering May Be Humanities Last Hope

woman walking

The planet faces an increasingly serious crisis as climate change worsens and the time has come to explore geoengineering technology as a way to directly intervene in combating greenhouse gasses and global warming, researchers said Tuesday. The government panel of scientists said that while it is still too early to deploy these technologies, humanity faces… Read more »

Enlist Duo: Chemical Herbicide Violates Endangered Species Act, EPA Lawsuit Claims

enlist duo

Dow Chemical’s Enlist Duo chemical herbicide violates the Endangered Species Act, according to an EPA lawsuit. Approval of Dow’s Enlist Duo Herbicide Violates Endangered Species Act. Enlist Duo 2,4-D was reportedly designed to combat “superweeds” that are plaguing farmers and could ultimately become detrimental to the food supply. Farmers who use Enlist Duo will effectively… Read more »

Monsanto Launches Massive Biotech Project With New ‘Superweeds Seeds’


Monsanto is preparing to launch possibly its largest biotech project to date. The St. Louis-based company that produces the vast majority of seeds now available on the market is planning to produce “superweeds seeds.” As previously reported by the Inquisitr, superweeds are plaguing American farmers and causing crops to wither when dwarfed by the gigantic… Read more »

Agenda 21 Outlawed In Mississippi

agenda 21

Mississippi voted to prohibit Agenda 21 tactics from being initiated in the state. House Bill 490 (HB490) passed by an overwhelming margin with a vote of 79 to 36. The Agenda 21 bill would prohibit the state, and all counties and cities within, from adopting or developing any of the United Nations policies. Agenda 21… Read more »

Moms Infiltrate Monsanto Meeting To Plea To Shareholders About Dangers Of GMOs

Monsanto is Dangerous

Last year was very important for the anti-GMO movement. Thanks to independent studies on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) followed by pro-organic activist groups pushing found results into the public eye, more people are now educated about the dangers “frankenfoods” pose to themselves and to others. As a result, Monsanto — the company responsible for GMOs… Read more »

Mysterious Die-Off: Starving Sea Lion Pups Wash Ashore In Huge Numbers

Sea Lion Pup

Starving sea lion pups are washing up in huge numbers, and scientists don’t know why. Some believe that the sea lions have hit their natural population limit in the wild, others blame changing oceanic temperatures. In any case, shelters are being overrun as rescuers work to save the adorable abandoned pups. According to SF Gate,… Read more »

EPA Factory Farm Pollution Lawsuit Filed

EPA factory farms

The EPA is being sued by a group of community, animal rights, and environmental organizations. The coalition has filed two lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency for allegedly failing to control factory farm air pollution levels. There are approximately 20,000 factory farms currently operating in the United States. Health problems for humans stemming from the… Read more »

Monsanto Gets Roundhouse Kicked! Chuck Norris Criticizes Inventors of Roundup

Chuck Norris: American Flag Haters Prove The U.S. Has 'Gone Awry'

Over the last couple of years, more people have become aware of Monsanto, the company known for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Agent Orange, and Roundup. Most of this awareness was found through independent studies conducted by universities on their products. Unfortunately for Monsanto, the finds have been negative. As a result, certain parties have taken… Read more »

Milk Bust Coming? Farmers Pouring Milk Down The Drain

milk bust

Milk sales boomed and hit a record high in 2014, but now some agricultural experts are predicting a milk bust in 2015. Dairy farmers are pouring milk down the drain as milk prices plummet. Global overproduction of milk is largely being blamed for the anticipated milk bust. Dairy farmers are worried about losing their businesses… Read more »

Hello Kitty Goes Green With An Organic Farm

A new Hello Kitty organic farm has opened in Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty has had many jobs in her life as a childhood icon. She’s been a maid, an office worker, and even a pilot. Now, she’s taken on a new profession: farming. According to Modern Farmer a new 50,000 square foot organic farm has opened in Hong Kong. Called “Hello Kitty Go Green Organic Farm,”… Read more »