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Can Children From Low-Income Families Get A Quality Education?


The short answer to the question posed in the headline is – possibly, but not always. According to Lyndsey Layton, The Washington Post education reporter, it’s a matter of geography. She wrote that a study by the Southern Education Foundation had shown that a majority of students in public schools throughout the American South and… Read more »

STEM Worker Shortage Is A Myth, According To New Study

STEM Worker Shortage Myth

Rumors of a STEM worker shortage are unfounded, according to a new review of U.S. Census Bureau data by authors Steven A. Camarota and Karen Zeigler. Camarota is the director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), while Zeigler is the group’s demographer. Detailing their findings on the official CIS website, the pair… Read more »

Students Claim ‘This Is Are Story’ In Prom Slogan Fail

This Is Are Story Paul Robeson High School Prom Slogan

This is are story: it’s the prom slogan fail being heard around the world after ABC7 iTeam‘s Chuck Goudie posted it to his Facebook page on June 6. But if your kids are being taught at Paul Robeson High School — part of the Chicago Public Schools system and the creators of this grammar mishap… Read more »

Condoms Given To Sixth Graders: One School’s Approach To Sex Ed

Condoms And Sixth Graders: Good Call?

Condoms will be given to sixth graders in the Gervais School District of Gervais, Oregon, bringing up more debate as to the proper place of schools in teaching sex education to children. Molly McCargar, one school board member and the mother of four daughters within the district, said she wholeheartedly supports the idea. “It is… Read more »

Teacher Alan Barron Suspended For Showing Video With Whites In Blackface

Teacher Alan Barron Suspended Indefinitely

Teacher Alan Barron, a 36-year veteran of Michigan’s public school system, was suspended indefinitely for his decision to show a video of whites depicting African-Americans in blackface during a unit he was teaching on Jim Crow segregation laws. The move was deemed “offensive and racist” by a school administrator where Barron, a white man, teaches,… Read more »

Reporting A Bully May Have Gotten This Student Suspended

Reporting A Bully Has This Kid In Hot Water

Reporting a bully is usually what most schools will advise a student to do, especially in the world of online bullying where it is so easy to target someone and make their life miserable on a broad scale. But for high school senior Nayt Taylor, it was following this protocol that got him a two-day… Read more »

West Virginia, You Are The Dumbest State In US, According To New Study

Sorry, WV, Infoplease Says You're The Dumbest State

Where can you find the dumbest state in the US (as if our headline didn’t give it away)? West Virginia, according to the site In a recent review of educational accomplishments, the median household income (MHI), and average SAT scores, the website rounded up what is sure to be an equal-parts popular and unpopular… Read more »

Romeike Family Says Germany Is Prejudiced Against Christians

Germany homeschooling

The Romeike family feel that Germany is prejudiced against Christians. The homeschooling family made international headlines after Eric Holder’s Justice Department overruled lower courts and ordered Uwe, Hannelore, and their children to be sent back to their native land. The devout Christian family recently sat down with Morning Star News to share their story and… Read more »

Bullied Third Grader Breaks Down In Heartbreaking Video

Bullied Third Grader Starts Campaign

Bullied third grader Anna Cymbaluk is a brave little girl who wants to make a difference in the lives of victims just like her. In a recent video posted to Facebook by Anna’s mother, the eight-year-old tearfully breaks down as she and her seven-year-old brother share their experience with school bullies. Anna’s little brother shares… Read more »

Beaverton School: Tell Us Your Sexual Orientation

Beaverton School Inquires About Gay Or Straight Status

The Beaverton School District in Oregon has once again sparked outrage after a new questionnaire that included one question inquiring as to the sexual orientation of parents. Previously, the school was accused of promoting a “pro-gay agenda” when it launched an anti-bullying campaign tied to a LGBT rights group. Parents at the time were outraged… Read more »