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Stanford: Free Tuition Being Offered To Middle-Class Smarty-Pants

Stanford Offers Free Tuition to Middle Class

Stanford University has prioritized smarts over wealth. It’s giving middle-class kids a chance to go to the prestigious college for free. That’s right — $0. Families who make less than $125,000 a year can send their bright kids to Stanford without paying a dime. For people even poorer than that, the dream is still possible… Read more »

Finland Schools Ditch ‘Subjects’ – Topics Will Be Discussed Instead, Creating Citizens That Are Professionally Ready, Not Just Academically Smart

Finland Schools Ditch ‘Subjects’ – Topics Will Be Discussed Instead

Students in Finland won’t have to study subjects. Soon, their classrooms would resemble conferences where “topics” are discussed. The education system is Finland is about to undergo a radical and fundamental change, despite enjoying the distinction of being one of the best in the world. The education department has decided to scrap the eons-old method… Read more »

Is College Worth It? Yes, But With Some Considerations

College Worth It? Yes, But...

Is college worth it? The answer for the longest time was a resounding yes, but as technologies improve and the economy becomes more about performance than anything else, do the old adages hold true? The short answer: it depends. For a number of degrees it still holds true that you’ll make more money in life… Read more »

John Legend Trades Predictability For Passion In Education

John Legend believes all students have the right to learn as individuals with individual needs.

On Tuesday, John Legend wrote an op-ed for CNN that explained his history and why he feels the education system needs to change. Born John Roger Stephens, John Legend, 36, has had amazing success in the music industry. He is a nine-time Grammy winner and has sold multiple Top 10 platinum albums. His song, “Glory,”… Read more »