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American Education System Hindered By High Social Stress, Study Says

American education system stress

Despite a middling reputation among developed nations for America’s public school system, its universities take an impressive 10 of the top 15 slots of QS‘ World’s Best Universities ranking, rounding out the number one slot with MIT. Still, America’s public education system has a lot to learn from the world’s other most developed studies, according… Read more »

Second Amendment Education Act Would Include Curriculum Written By The NRA

Second Amendment Education Act would teach about gun laws 3 weeks per year.

The Second Amendment Education Act is a response to zero-tolerance laws that have punished children for such gun-related references as breakfast-pastry-shapes and fictional stories about shooting dinosaurs. South Carolina legislator Alan Clemmons proposed that, to counter-balance such extremes, schools needed to ensure that children knew about the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. While most… Read more »

Emotions About Valentine’s Day 2015 From ‘Men Versus Women’ Research

Couple at Theme Park

From a man’s perspective, as far back as can be remembered, Valentine’s Day has been about women and a woman’s holiday. Essentially, this is still the case. However, women also seem to purchase a number of gifts for themselves, pets, friends, family and kids. Research findings from Assistant Professor Angeline Close at the University of… Read more »

Civics Exam For U.S. High Schoolers? Indiana Thinks So


Indiana students who want to graduate high school may have one more hurdle to jump to get their diploma. Education lawmakers in the Hoosier state believe that in order to graduate, students should have to take the same civics test immigrants must take to become U.S. citizens. According to the Civics Education Initiative campaign, Indiana… Read more »

Planned Parenthood Teaching Sex Education In California, Parents Irate Over Methods

Common Core

Planned Parenthood. Depending on if an individual is liberal or conservative, the company started by Margaret Sanger either provides a civil service or masqueraded eugenics. The Inquisitr reported numerous times on Planned Parenthood, that latest being the company’s ads that directly attack Republicans and their view on over-the-counter birth control. In retaliation, many registered Republicans… Read more »

Kids, Snorting Smarties Can Get You Suspended From School

Snorting Smarties Gets Kids Suspended From School

Snorting Smarties is apparently punishable by out-of-school suspension. That’s at least the case for at least three male students of Marshall Middle School in New Mexico. According to a news story from Metro, a group of parents are now outraged that their little snorters were suspended from the school for what officials described as “possession… Read more »

This Teacher Became A Student For Two Days: What She Learned Will Shock You!

teacher becomes student

Alexis Wiggins is a teacher that basically became a student for a two-day experiment, according to the Washington Post. According to the report, the 15-year teaching veteran currently works as the High School Learning Coach in a “private American International School overseas.” The primary objective for her position is to “work with teachers and administrators… Read more »