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Alabama’s ‘Rape Bait’ Case: Decision Could Take Months

sparkman middle school

Alabama’s “rape bait” case is now in the hands of the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Although the incident occurred in 2010, the case was tied up in court for more than five years. The three-judge panel already heard testimony from both sides. However, deliberations are expected to last several months. In 2010, a… Read more »

Catholic University Has ‘Too Many Crosses,’ Is Offensive To Muslim Students, Says Prof. John Banzhaf

Catholic University May Have Too Many Crosses

Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., has attracted the criticism of a George Washington University professor, and his reasoning has many pro-religious and conservative commentators fuming. John Banzhaf, a law professor at GWU, believes that the cross-town university is violating the rights of Muslim students to practice their religion. How, you may be wondering?… Read more »

Marylin Zuniga: Third Grade Teacher’s Infuriating Assignment Gets Her Fired

Marylin Zuniga Fired

Marylin Zuniga, a first-year teacher of the third grade at New Jersey’s Forest Street Elementary School, has been fired. According to the NJ website, Zuniga had allowed, and some say encouraged, her students to write “get-well” letters to a convicted cop killer. Mumia Abu-Jamal, a 61-year-old poet who’d once been on death row before getting… Read more »

Senior Prank Gets Four Ohio Teens Felony Charges

Senior Prank Goes Wrong

The Senior Prank is a time-honored tradition among graduating high school students, but for four Ohio teens, it’s probably something they would rather forget. According to MyFoxDetroit, Taylor Monroe, 18, Stewart Parrott, 18, Anthony Esposito, 19, and Justin Weekly were each charged with felony vandalism and disrupting public service after removing the valve stems from… Read more »

Facebook Group Reveals Students Struggle At Ivy League Universities

Students Struggle In Poverty

Social and economic mobility is one of the freedoms of our time. To a degree, anyone with the required academic ability can attend any university. What is rarely discussed is how students struggle to take that first step and move out of poverty, through higher education. A degree improves the chances of becoming socially mobile…. Read more »

Samuel Dufner: Salem Teacher Not Charged For Burning Kids With Tesla Coil

Samuel Dufner: Salem Teacher Not Charged For Burning Kids With Tesla Coil

Samuel Dufner, a Salem High School teacher, will not face any criminal charges for using a Tesla coil to burn messages into the skin of his students. Some parents were upset by the science teacher’s experiment, but some students say 37-year-old Dufner has been doing this Tesla coil experiment for years without anyone complaining. In… Read more »

Georgia County Will Randomly Drug Test Students

Drug test policy to be enacted for students in Carroll County, Georgia

A Georgia county will randomly drug test students beginning in the 2015-2016 school year. The move has many asking if it is a constitutional violation. Based on previous Supreme Court rulings, though, the answer may be more complicated than it seems. It turns out the Supreme Court has visited random drug tests for students before,… Read more »

LSU Files For Bankruptcy


According to recent reports, Louisiana State University has officially begun the process of filing for bankruptcy. The State of Louisiana has found itself embroiled in a deep-running economic crisis revolving around the funding of public education. As a result of this budgetary fisticuffs, LSU officials have made the decision to start the bankruptcy process. It… Read more »