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Disneyland Paris Overcharging Foreigners — German Tourists Accuse Park Of Unfair Pricing

Disneyland Paris Overcharging Foreigners

Disneyland Paris has encountered some harsh criticism for allegedly overcharging select foreigners. Apparently, the disgruntled tourists are contemplating suing the amusement park for multiple levels of discrimination and financial fraud. The European Commission initiated an investigation into the allegations by a bunch of German tourists that they were significantly overcharged by Disneyland Paris, primarily because… Read more »

Netflix Vamps Up Its DVD Business, As Streaming Unit Soars

Netflix DVD Sales

Netflix has 5.3 million DVD subscribers and the division continues to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit each year. The DVD subscriber count has gone down quite substantially, compared to 2010 when Netflix had 20 million subscribers. Nonetheless, even with the decline of the DVD customer base, the DVD division has a… Read more »

DIRECTV And AT&T Receive Final Approval To Merge

DirecTV And AT&T Merge

DIRECTV and AT&T received final approval by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to merge. The proposed deal is worth $48.5 billion. The FCC voted on Thursday, approving the merger with a few conditions. Three out of the five FCC commissioners voted in favor of the DIRECTV and AT&T merger, according to a report by… Read more »

Yahoo Plans To Spin Off Its Alibaba Stake

Yahoo Plans To Spin Off Its Alibaba Stake

On Friday, Yahoo filed to spin off its stake in Alibaba Group. Yahoo plans on establishing a brand new company, Aabaco Holdings. The new company will be a combination of 15 percent ownership of Alibaba and a small unit Yahoo, which is aimed at small businesses. Yahoo originally announced plans to spin off its stake… Read more »

Fake Twitter Buyout Story Causes Shares To Briefly Surge Eight Percent

Fake Twitter bid causes stock to jump.

Bloomberg has confirmed that a news story that was published by a lookalike Bloomberg website earlier today was a fake. The story reported that social media company Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) was in talks with banking representatives and close to a buyout deal. The news caused shares of Twitter to spike 8 percent in midday… Read more »

#NYSE Trends As New York Stock Exchange Comes To Halt Over Glitches [Video]

NYSE halts trading

Trading on the New York Stock Exchange floors came to a standstill on Wednesday morning. The announcement was made at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time. According to Reuters, the NYSE stated that it would be halting all security trading and that open orders had been canceled. Although exact details remain unknown, it’s reported that “technical difficulties”… Read more »

LEGO Investing $150M To Find Sustainable Alternatives

LEGO Investing In Sustainable Material

LEGO, the world’s largest toy manufacturer, wants to replace plastic in their products with “sustainable material.” The family-owned company is investing $150 million to find sustainable alternatives to the current raw materials they use in making their famous toy construction bricks. By 2030, with headquarters in Billund, Denmark, LEGO plans to rid itself from using… Read more »

Barnes & Noble Bookstores Get New Chief Executive: Ronald Boire

Barnes & Noble believe Ronald Boire can help them get their numbers up.

Barnes & Noble has hired a new chief executive. Barnes & Noble is best known for its books, but the stores sell everything from board games to collector’s items to gift items. Despite the company’s wide variety of wares, they haven’t been doing very well. According to the Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble “reported… Read more »