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Comic Con Geekdom Takes Over Detroit At The Motor City Comic Con

Comic Con Geekdom Takes Over Detroit At The Motor City Comic Con With Cosplayers

The Motor City Comic Con kicked off yesterday. CBS Detroit noted how fans looking to register overwhelmed website servers in the lead up to Friday’s start time. This further proves that an event once relegated to the outcasts, nerds, and geeks of society has gone mainstream and continues to grow. At this comic con, along… Read more »

Can ‘Resident Evil: Revelations 2’ Save A Dying Franchise? [Video]

A screenshot from 'Resident Evil Revelations 2' from Capcom.

Capcom, the company behind the Resident Evil video game franchise, seems to be pinning their hopes on the success of a single new video game release, Resident Evil: Revelations 2, from the same franchise that played a significant part in Capcom’s 37.1 percent loss last fiscal year. Fortunately, for Capcom as well as for Resident… Read more »

Trekkies Will Soon Be Able To Learn Klingon Using Duolingo

Klingon Language

Even among hardcore Trekkies, those who speak Klingon fluently are rare. Created by Marc Okrand, the language is heard in many Star Trek films and shows, and dedicated fans have even translated many works by Shakespeare into Klingon, but learning the language can be challenging. There aren’t exactly many courses on the subject. Not until… Read more »

Today Is Tolkien Reading Day, How Are You Celebrating?

Tolkien Reading Day March 25 Tolkien Pipe

For many fans of Tolkien’s varied works, Tolkien Reading Day marks a special time where the world celebrates as a whole on the Professor’s legacy. Set on March 25, the date has significance because of the history of perhaps Tolkien’s greatest work, The Lord of the Rings. But what is Tolkien Reading Day? Established in… Read more »

A Batman Hotel Can Give You Access To The Batcave For Only $50 A Night


For those who shamelessly love us some Batman, Taiwan has answered our (secret) request and opened a Batman hotel where guests can escape into the cape crusader’s Batcave. Here, you can seduce your Selena Kyle amongst the batcave style walls, soak away your problems in the bat-tub, or just chillax on your Batman double bed… Read more »

‘Spider-Gwen’ Is To Be Marvel’s Latest Web-Slinger

Photo courtesy of Marvel Comics/artist Robbi Rodriguez.

As the gender equality movement gains steam, the effects can be seen in media from film to television, and now Marvel is bringing it to the comic shelves with the revival of Gwen Stacy and her alter ego, Spider-Gwen. The character of Gwen Stacy has been dead since 1973, according to the Huffington Post, when… Read more »

Is A Real-Life Batman Suit Possible? One Fan Answers The Geeky Call

Is A Real-Life Batman Suit Possible? One Fan Answers The Geeky Call

Batman, quite possibly the most popular comic book character, is admired in part because of all the cool gadgets he has. Not to mention the car and, of course, the Batman suit. Unlike Back to the Future fans, who have definitive hopes and dreams that their film will potentially reap realistic rewards in seeing devices… Read more »

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Novel Incoming From Marv Wolfman

'Batman: Arkham Knight' novel being written by Marv Wolfman

A Batman: Arkham Knight novel is on its way for avid readers and those potentially looking for game hints before they play. The Arkham video game series has always been rich with story, and for gamers who want every angle, Rocksteady Games even puts in plenty of Easter eggs. A recent Easter egg found in… Read more »

Disney Artist Creates Homage To Studio Ghibli With ‘Big Hero 6’

Studio Ghibli and Disney

For many artists as well as animation fans, Studio Ghibli is considered one of the best animation companies of all time. Led by the legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli is responsible for creating some of the most iconic animes in the world including Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke. Later on,… Read more »