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Dark Horse Comics Bringing Black Friday Megadeal Bundles

Dark Horse comics getting Black Friday megadeals

Dark Horse comics announced it will be jumping into the Black Friday frenzy this year. Digital comics fans of series such as Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Hellboy are in for a real treat if they want to spend a little cash. Dark Horse has announced it will be releasing a number of… Read more »

Zombie Apocalypse: What Kind Of Survivor Are You?

Who Would Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead and many movies and shows in between, it must be said that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse isn’t too far from the minds of citizens. Oh sure, the idea of a half living corpse bumbling down the street is readily laughed off. In the… Read more »

The Who Loo: TARDIS Toilet On Cycle Path

The Who Loo TARDIS toilet is a cafe's nod to the show Doctor Who

She’s known on sight the world over. The TARDIS shows up everywhere, proving that the 50-year-old icon still has what it takes to thrill and excite the fans. With or without her Time Lord. She’s found all over the U.K., of course, in gardens and on street corners. Now, at a South Gloucestershire railside stop… Read more »

The Most Valuable Superman Comic Book Ever Is For Sale On Ebay

With a CGC rating of 9.0 with white pages, Adams' copy of Action Comics #1 is considered the most pristine in existence

The finest known copy of Action Comics #1, the issue that features the first appearance of Superman, is up for sale on eBay, and the top bid for the one-of-a-kind piece is already close to $2 million. Billed as “The Holy Grail of Comics,” this particular copy of Action Comics #1 carries a CGC (Certified… Read more »

Comic-Con Death Match! San Diego VS Salt Lake City!

Con Battle Comic-Con vs Comic Con

It’s the battle of the Comic-Cons, and it could be to the death! A current legal battle between the Geek Behemoth that is the San Diego Comic-Con and the sparky little con that could, Salt Lake City Comic Con (note the lack of hyphen), could have legal ramifications for all cons from coast to coast…. Read more »

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes Comic Crossover

Star Trek & Planet of the Apes Comic Set In Original Forms For Both

A comic that crosses the original series Star Trek with the original movie Planet of the Apes? Jim Kirk teams up with astronaut George Taylor to fight Klingons AND those dirty apes? Welcome back sixties’ sci-fi! IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios announced this exciting Star Trek crossover at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday with a press… Read more »

‘Star Trek’ Fan Boards Starship Enterprise After 3 Years And $500,000

Star Trek Starship Enterprise

Star Trek fans are willing to spend loads of cash to purchase memorabilia and collector’s items, and this New Yorker has gone beyond just spending for his obsession. Anthony Sforza, 48, has been amassing memorabilia from Star Trek since the 1980s. He has collected more than 300 items including costumes, props, and figures. He has… Read more »

Sailor Moon: The Best Five Moments

sailor moon

Sailor Moon – which, let’s face it, was the best thing about everyone’s childhood – marked two decades since premiering last summer. The anime cartoon, which has inspired at least 30 stage musicals, follows middle schooler Usagi Tsukino (or Serena, depending on translation) who learns from a magical black cat that she is Sailor Moon,… Read more »

Ikea Turns On Internet Fanbase, C&Ds IkeaHackers

ikea ikeahackers lawsuit

If you’re a big fan of Ikea, you’re probably familiar with the practice of “Ikea hacks,” or even the site IkeaHackers — which has probably driven a decent share of sales to the high-profile retailer. IkeaHackers has been hacking Ikea furniture to make some interesting, inventive, and inexpensive new things for eight years. But now,… Read more »

‘Flappy Bird’ Knockoffs Proliferate Even As Creator Fights Back

Flappy Bird Screenshot

Gears Studio, the company owned by Flappy Bird creator Nguyen Ha Dong, has begun hunting down clones of the game in order to protect the developer’s intellectual property this week, coincidentally beginning their legal battle just as a clone of the game called Feisty Chicken was released to promote Netflix’s hit series Orange is the… Read more »