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Diabetes Diet: What The Greeks Know That Could Save Your Life

A diabetes diet is rich in Mediterranean foods.

A diabetes diet is not as dire as you might think. According to Counsel & Heal, a Mediterranean diet might be the key to handling or lowering the risk of diabetes. A study that analyzed more than 19 research studies has indicated that those people who eat a Mediterranean diet were able to lower their… Read more »

Weight Loss Tip: Quinoa Is Your New Best Friend

Quinoa, pronunced Keen-Wah, is from South America.

Weight loss is achieved by doing a lot of little things consistently each day. This also applies to weight management. Anytime you can work a healthy habit into your daily routine you have a chance to turn a small change into big success. An example of an easy diet change to make is the inclusion… Read more »

Pound Those Zinc Supplements! And Wash Your Hands To Stop Colds

Zinc supplements and common cold

In a showdown between Vitamin C and zinc supplements over who can better stop the common cold — zinc supplements win, hands down. That’s the result of a new study published this week by the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Oh yes, there’s one other little step you a take to ward off that nasty cold…. Read more »

Low-Carb Diets: How Paleo Could Change Your Life

Paleo Diet

Low-carb diets aren’t anything new; we all try to keep up with the constant barrage of new fad-diets which come and go and with new studies offering the latest theory on what’s healthy for humans. One of the most recent, and highly successful, fad-diets is the Paleo (or “caveman”) diet. It follows the principle of… Read more »

DASH Diet Named Best Overall Diet, Again

DASH diet wins best overall diet, again

The DASH Diet has been named the best overall diet once again, according to U.S. News and World Report’s annual rankings. Another popular weight loss regimen, The Weight Watchers Diet, also won three awards; Best weight loss diet, Best commercial diet plan, and Easiest-to-follow diet. The awards were announced just in time to help dieters… Read more »

How To Spot GMO Foods At The Grocery Store

how to spot GMO food

GMO labeling battles at the state level wage on, but natural and organic food advocates are largely considering the GMO-free Cheerios announcement earlier this week a victory. Due to the lack of labeling laws, it is often extremely difficult to determine if the produce or packaged food products sold at the local grocery store contain… Read more »

Mass Destruction: FDA Warns Against Body Building Supplement [Video]


The FDA is warning users of a popular nutritional supplement, Mass Destruction, to stop immediately. The supplement is being used to stimulate muscle growth. The FDA is saying that Mass Destruction contains potentially harmful synthetic steroids. The FDAS was reacting to a report from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The report… Read more »

Economists Diet That Works, Keeps It Off [VIDEO]

cake or Cash

Amazing, simple diet that really works is revealed in this book, anyone can do it, and it even shows how to keep the weight off. It’s diet season, so why not do things intelligently and follow the advice of some clever professors… In a really interesting book by two University Professors, Richard Thaler and Cass… Read more »

Diet Pills & Green Tea Extracts: Are They Killing You?

Are Diet Pills Deadly?

New research shows some scary evidence that certain green tea extracts might be damaging your liver. Green Tea which is famously known for being a natural way to cleanse the liver has been indicated, together with muscle building supplements, to actually be linked to liver damage. Recent research shows that around 20 percent of all… Read more »

Gluten Allergy Not Real, But Gluten-Free Industry Profiting In The Billions

Gluten Allergy Not Real

Gluten allergy is not real, according to some doctors, but the gluten-free industry profit reaches into the billions anyways. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, being gluten intolerant has become increasingly popular and it’s being marketed as good for everyone. As of January of this year, 30 percent of American adults stated the wanted to… Read more »

Vegetarian Starts Eating Meat, Gives Birth To Triplets

Vegetarian gives birth to triplets with the heat of a meat diet

A lifelong vegetarian who tried for 10 years to get pregnant began eating meat and wound up having triplets. Her daily diet apparently included Sausage McMuffins. UK resident Laura Dixon, 34, was unsuccessful for a decade trying to get pregnant naturally, so she and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization. She suffered a miscarriage… Read more »

Aspartame: Bacteria Poop Revealed As Secret Ingredient

Aspartame Bacteria Poop Should Make You Quit Drinking Diet

“Aspartame bacteria poop” will be a term you see a lot of in the next 24 hours, and there’s a disgusting reason for it. Apparently, all the rumors that the sweetener found in most diet sodas is comprised of E. coli excrement is true. According to a recent UPI report, which itself is taken from… Read more »

45 Bing Cherries A Day Fight Disease, Says USDA

bing cherries disease

Can just 45 sweet Bing cherries a day fight disease? The United States Department of Agriculture has been pushing the benefits of the sweet fruit from the American northwest this summer as a result of a new study that says they probably do. According to Northwest Cherries, there have been multiple past studies that demonstrate… Read more »

Toxic Nanoparticles May Already Be In Human Food Supply [Study]

toxic nanoparticles

Toxic nanoparticles like the silver nanoparticles used as pesticides are probably already in the human food supply. In the cautious manner of scientists everywhere, a University of Missouri research team said their new study showed that the nanoparticles “might” be entering our food. But it sure looks like there’s a large probability that the toxic… Read more »

Soft Drinks Linked To Aggression, Attention Problems In Kids

soft drinks aggression

A new study has linked soft drinks to aggression and other behavior problems in young children. Just when you thought there was already too much bad news out there about sugary sodas, here comes a little more from a team that will soon publish their findings in The Journal Of Pediatrics. The researchers headed up… Read more »

Obesity May Cause One In Five Deaths, Says New Study

obesity deaths

Has the number of obesity deaths been grossly underestimated? Could it be that almost one in five deaths in the United States are caused by being obese? According to WebMD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have previously said that about five percent of US deaths are caused by obesity. That means that… Read more »

Sugar Levels Now Thought Safe May Be Harmful, New Study Suggests

sugar levels harmful

Currently recommended sugar levels are harmful and could shorten your life. That’s the grim news from a new study published Tuesday in Nature Communications. If you’re already struggling to cut back on added sugar in your diet, then maybe the new study from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City researchers will give you… Read more »

Hot Cocoa May Improve Thinking, Then Again Maybe It Doesn’t [Study]

hot cocoa thinking

Will hot cocoa help preserve thinking skills and keep your brain sharp as you age? That’s the findings from a study published Wednesday in Neurology by lead author Farzaneh Sorond and colleagues. The good news is that Dr. Sorond concluded that hot cocoa did indeed sharpen thinking in patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes,… Read more »

Bloomberg Soda Ban Rejected By Appeals Court


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to ban large sugary drinks has fizzled in a state appeals court. The court confirmed a March ruling by a Manhattan judge that tossed out the regulation right before it was to take effect for being “arbitrary and capricious,” which is standard legal terminology in such matters. Bloomberg’s… Read more »

Sugar Filled Diet Causes Bowel Cancer, Study Claims

Sugar Foods and Bowel Cancer

Drinking too much soda, eating too much cake, and engaging in a sugar filled diet in general can cause bowel cancer, according to a new study. Researchers studied data from the Scottish Colorectal Cancer Study to determine that snacks high in sugar play a part in developing the very deadly disease. Scientists examined various factors… Read more »

Pepsi Products Contain Carcinogens, Group Finds

Pepsi Products Have Chemical Known As Carcinogenic

Pepsi and Pepsi products have a high level of cancer-causing carcinogens, a new report from a an environmental group has found. The group, the Center for Environmental Health, announced their findings Wednesday, reports the AP. The new findings demonstrated that the vast majority of Pepsi products sold in the US contain a chemical known as 4-methylimidazole,… Read more »

New Salt Study Says Cutting Salt May Not Be Worth The Hassle

new salt study

A new salt study released today from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) called into question the whole concept of trying to get your sodium consumption down to below 2,300 milligrams per day — much less below the almost impossible limit of 1,500 mg a day suggested by many doctors for certain patients. According to the… Read more »

105-Year-Old Bacon Woman: Why She’s Right

105-year-old bacon woman

The 105-year-old bacon woman from Richard Springs, Texas has come forward to reveal the real secret of long life — bacon. And she’s right. Scientists have proved it before, but we the people keep chasing idiotic nutrition fads and forgetting about the proven classics. As The Inquisitr previously revealed, Pearl Cantrell just celebrated a very… Read more »

Hungry Shoppers Buy More Junk Food, Study Shows

Hungry Shoppers Bad Foods

A new study by researchers at Cornell University showed something that many of us already know — shopping while hungry leads to more junk food purchases. While the concept is certainly not new, Cornell’s dietary researchers discovered that the situation is actually much worse than we previously realized. Along with out of control snacking in… Read more »