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2-Year-Old Plays ‘Bulls On Parade’, Footage Goes Viral

Bulls on Parade

A two-year-old boy plays the hit song, “Bulls on Parade,” in this now-viral video. Keep in mind that the young boy is not actually playing the 1996 Rage Against the Machine song on the guitar himself. He is apparently playing the song on Guitar Hero. However, it is not the song or his guitar “skills”… Read more »

Lil Mama ‘Sausage’ Video Debut On WorldStarHipHop Brings 1.7 Million Views And Fire: #SausageMovement Goes Mainstream With Condom Warnings [Video]

Lil Mama Sausage

In case you haven’t heard of the “Sausage” song and #SausageMovement videos that have filled Twitter timelines and gotten some kids suspended from school, as reported by the Inquisitr, take a look at some sausage videos now. Now that you’re hip to the whole “Sausage” song phenomena, you’ll understand why the fact that Lil Mama… Read more »

Redneck Avengers? Bad Lip Reading Of Marvel Film Goes Viral

Redneck Avengers

Redneck Avengers. It might seem like a hilarious joke worth a good laugh. However, when you take a few minutes to look at this now-viral video of cinematic bad lip reading, you will never look at Avengers the same way again. Instead of sticking to the original plot and dialogue of the Joss Whedon-directed 2012… Read more »

TLC Concert: Shaun T Gets ‘Red Light Special’ Lap Dance

Shaun T TLC

Shaun T, creator of the popular “Insanity” workout, apparently had a little fun at a recent TLC concert. In many of his popular workout videos, Shaun T is seen moving, jumping, and dancing around in addition to the tedious, blood-pumping exercise routines that his workouts are well-known for providing. However, this video provides Shaun T… Read more »

Amy Andrews: News Anchor Hopes For A ‘Dry Hump Day’ On-Air

Dry Hump Day

News anchor Amy Andrews will likely become a viral star simply by mentioning on the air the hope for a “Dry Hump Day.” According to Metro, Andrews was having a normal discussion on Wednesday with her co-anchors Alan Longstreet and Jay Towers about the third day of the week. Throughout the United States, Wednesday is… Read more »

HBO Brings ‘High Maintenance’ To TV

Vimeo Invests in High Maintenance Web Series

HBO has confirmed that they have ordered six new episodes of the Vimeo web series High Maintenance, with an eye to possibly green-lighting more should the series prove popular enough. It follows a Brooklyn pot dealer (played by Sinclair) who delivers to clients with neuroses as diverse as the city and was brought to life… Read more »

Kids Read Mean Tweets — It’s Not As Funny As When Barack Obama Does It

Kids read mean tweets -- how funny is this?

When Barack Obama reads mean tweets about himself, it’s funny, political, and a demonstration of his sense of humor and humility. When school-aged kids read mean tweets about themselves, it’s sad, painful, and a campaign against bullying. Canadian Safe Schools is using an Indiegogo fund to support their newest battle against bullying. It’s a short… Read more »

Peterson Farm Brothers ‘Roar’ Parody ‘Chore’ Goes Viral

roar parody goes viral

The Peterson Farm brothers once again created a parody viral video. The Kansas boys followed up their massive online parody hit, “I’m Farming and I Grow It” with a down-home take on Katy Perry’s “Roar.” “Chore” the Peterson brothers Katy Perry parody, went viral on You Tube and Facebook. The three brothers from Kansas are… Read more »

‘Wladimir (Put Put Putin)’ Unexpected Hit On YouTube [Video]

Put put Putin

An Austrian band, Rammelhof, released a satirical song about the Russian leader Vladimir Putin back in December of last year. After gathering a huge fan base in Ukraine in the last couple days, it has started going viral on YouTube. The song is called “Wladimir (Put Put Putin),” and it was uploaded to YouTube on… Read more »

Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers Parody Video Goes Viral

Cats welcoming soldiers home -- they don't do it the way dogs do.

A video of cats welcoming home soldiers from their deployments is going wildly viral. Though the video has been on YouTube since November, new attention has suddenly led it to go viral this week, and for good reason. Anyone who has ever loved a cat will recognize this attitude. Numerous videos have gone viral, showing… Read more »

Watch Hilarious Mass Pileup in Estonian Cross Country Ski Competition

Estonian Ski Pileup

A video has emerged showing Estonian skiers just as they faced a hilarious chain-reaction mass pileup. The viral footage was captured on Saturday in Lipuväljak, at the bottom of a downhill slope in Estonia’s Tartu Maraton cross-country skiing event. In the video, the pileup started with a few skiers stumbling and tripping over each other,… Read more »

Alyson Stoner Honors Missy Elliott With Viral Dance Video

Alyson Stoner dances in video

Alyson Stoner. Many people probably do not recognize that name right off the bat. However, chances are that they would recognize her face. That is, of course, if they are staring at her face nearly 13 years ago. That was when young Alyson Stoner made her appearance in Missy Elliott’s music video for her 2002… Read more »