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A Penguin Proposal Makes For A Great Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up

Penguin Proposal

Penguins and proposals in the middle of the week tend to mean a trip to the zoo with the kids or something work related. Well, this week penguin proposals mean the start of something beautiful! A young man by the name of Mitch was looking for a very special way to ask for his girlfriend… Read more »

You’ve Got To See This Video: World’s Worst Parallel Parker


Parallel parking is not the easiest thing in the world. There is no real dispute from the many drivers whose driving tests may have gone much better in high school if they could have just skipped that one section. Apparently, the person featured in the video above (with some NSFW audio) is one of those… Read more »

Newborn Meets Teddy Bear In Adorable Viral Video

Teddy Bear Meets New Friend

A newborn little boy has already become a viral sensation thanks to his teddy bear friend and his creative parents. Meet Henry David Knutson, a 10-week old little boy who has become a hit thanks to the creative minds of his parents, Chris and Aimee Knutson of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chris and Aimee Knutson met while… Read more »

Giant Bubbles Popping In Slow Motion Is Mesmerizing [VIDEO]


YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys recently released their latest slow mo video of giant bubbles popping… and it is quite mesmerizing! In recent articles by The Inquisitr, we reported on watching many things in slow motion for your entertainment. This includes watching paint explode and skateboard tricks. Personally, I really enjoy watching our slow… Read more »

Exorcism Fail: Telephone Call Interrupts Man’s ‘Exorcism’ (Video)


An “exorcism” that took place at a church in Africa has people scratching their heads and has a pastor and his “demon possessed” parishioner likely answering questions from the church membership. The exorcism was taking place in the middle of a church service at an undisclosed parish when right in the middle of the alleged… Read more »