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April Fools Day Prank On Professor Still Cracking Up The Internet

Epic April Fools Day Prank On Professor

April Fools day may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the day’s pranks have stopped cracking up the internet. Many of this years pranks brought a smile to faces everywhere, but one prank still has the internet in stitches! Professor Stephen Barrow, a Professor at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, fell victim to… Read more »

Talented Dad Makes Son’s Superhero Dreams Come True [VIDEO]

Kid Avoids Lava

A talented father recently made his son’s superhero dreams come true, thanks to his animating skills. Daniel Hashimoto, an animator for Dreamworks, made his son’s ordinary playtime into extraordinary scenes as if they are right out of a superhero movie. Hashimoto, who goes by “Hashi”, works as a visual development artist at Dreamworks, but he… Read more »

Samuel L. Jackson Performs ‘Boy Meets World’ Slam Poem [VIDEO]

Sam Jackson Poetry

Samuel L. Jackson is known to be iconic. Known for roles in Django Unchained, Marvel’sThe Avengers, and Snakes On A Plane, Jackson is remembered for his presence and acting skills. Now Jackson can add “slam poet” to his resume, and his topic was a very interesting – and beloved – choice: Boy Meets World. According… Read more »

South Africa: So A Giraffe Walks Into A Restaurant [Video]


A South Africa safari park restaurant got an unusual guest for lunch — her name was Perdy, a female giraffe. According to Metro, the 20 foot tall giraffe made an appearance at a restaurant in the Lion Park animal sanctuary in Johannesburg, South Africa. Guests were of course surprised and rather amused to be dining… Read more »

‘Stay In School’ Viral Video Ending Shocks The World


The Stay in School viral video has everyone talking – and if viewers watch it through to the end they will find out why. Folks who cover their eyes during horror flicks may want to step away from the computer screen during the final 30 seconds of the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia… Read more »

Bill Of Rights: Mark Dice Third Amendment Video Goes Viral

Bill of Rights viral video

A new viral video by Mark Dice illustrates how quickly some California residents are to give up their Third Amendment rights. The Bill of Rights says, “No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be… Read more »

Sarah Silverman Talks To A Cussing Jesus In New Abortion Video

sarah silverman cussing jesus abortion video

Sarah Silverman is making conservatives, the pro-life community, and Christians angry again with her new cussing Jesus abortion video. Silverman is no stranger to ruffling the feathers of her opponents, but having Jesus drop the F bomb takes it to a new level. That’s right, Sarah Silverman released a YouTube video on her channel Wednesday… Read more »

Nancy Grace Calls Pot Smokers ‘Fat And Lazy’ [Video]

nancy grace fat and lazy

Nancy Grace has decided to weigh in on the legalization of marijuana. And when interviewed on CNN live recently, she claims that the legalization of marijuana is a “terrible” idea and that pot smokers who disagree with her are “fat and lazy”. Nancy Grace even went so far as to say that those screaming at… Read more »

New Old Spice Commercial Gives Teenage Boys The Creeps [Video]

Old Spice Momsong commercial

Old Spice has a new commercial that is alternately causing waves of laughter or serious cases of the creeps. Either way, “Momsong,” an ad featuring moms who get, shall we say, a little too clingy with their teenage sons, is a YouTube hit. The commercial went on the Google-owned video site January 3. By mid-afternoon… Read more »

Superman Vs. Hulk Mega-Battle In Awesome New YouTube Film

Superman Vs. Hulk

Superman vs. Hulk. Somehow, it seems much more interesting than a battle between an aging Sylvester Stallone and an even more aging Robert De Niro. But while the rather unappealing simulated brawl between the 67-year-old Stallone and the 70-year-old De Niro will be splashed across the silver screen at a theater near you starting this… Read more »

Watch Soldier Surprise Family Wrapped As Life Size G.I. Joe

soldier surprise family life size g.i. joe

A soldier’s surprise for his family at a Philadelphia Flyers game gets points for being awesome. Private First Class Matthew Windish was serving in Korea as a wheeled vehicle mechanic. His brother, Chris Windish, said he wanted to give his parents a big surprise for Matt’s return to the states around Christmas time. Christmas is… Read more »

Obama Singing ‘Jingle Bells’ Is Sure To Warm Up This Cold Tuesday

Obama Sings Jingle Bells

President Barack Obama may have stirred up quiet a bit of controversy over the past few months with his Obamacare and Affordable Care Act, but the latest Obama singing mash-up is sure to have people feeling joyful once again. The creative minds at the popular YouTube Channel Baracksdubs has put together yet another mash-up of… Read more »

Oscar The Grouch And Grumpy Cat Face Off In An Epic Grouch-Off

Oscar The Grouch VS. Grumpy Cat

Sesame Street’s, Oscar the Grouch comes face to face with the internet-famous Grumpy Cat in an epic face-off brought to us by Mashable! These two are both known for their grouchy attitudes, so it was only a matter of time before they met to settle who was the grumpiest of all. Oscar the Grouch seems… Read more »

Gordon Ramsay Attempts Sushi, Feels Awkward [Video]

Gordon Ramsay attempts sushi, feels awkward

Gordon Ramsay attempted sushi for the first time after a successful run with Hell’s Kitchen. The celebrity chef is known for his scathing remarks for chefs everywhere. If it isn’t done perfectly, he will make you feel like you’ve never seen the inside of a kitchen. The man has spent 21 years learning the art… Read more »