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Osama bin Laden Hiding Spot Allegedly Known By Pakistan, But Obama Offers Billions In Aid

Osama bin Laden Hiding Spot Known By Pakistan, Obama Offers Billions In Aid

The Osama bin Laden raid by the Navy SEALs in Pakistan is considered to be one of the primary reasons the United States stopped offering aid to Pakistan. But now the Obama administration is considering bringing it back.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama allegedly played cards during the Osama bin Laden raid.

Besides the Osama bin Laden raid, deadly airstrikes against Pakistani soldiers played another part in this decision. Interestingly enough, Hillary Clinton is now saying the Osama bin Laden raid was opposed by Joe Biden while the potential 2016 presidential contender says she was in full support of the plan.

But this plan resulted in relations between the two nations essentially disintegrating since the Navy SEALs were sent in without Pakistan’s approval or foreknowledge. People in the Pentagon claimed some members of Pakistan’s government must have known where Osama bin Laden was hiding, with even President Obama openly saying Osama bin Laden would have escaped if Pakistan’s government had been told in advance about the raid. After all, Osama bin Laden’s hideout was often described as being just around the corner from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point. But Pakistan officially denies everything.

Despite this history, Pakistan’s new prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, is traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with President Obama and it seems the Osama bin Laden raid will be put behind us. The United States will release more than $1.6 billion in military and economic aid to Pakistan as part of this “strategic dialogue.”

The Obama administration believes the Pakistan aid is critical as US military troops are pulled out of Afghanistan along the Pakistani border. They want to ensure the government of Pakistan is stable and more likely to root out any terrorists still lurking within their borders.

Despite any lingering doubts over the Osama bin Laden raid, Congress has already cleared the money for the Pakistan aid and the money should be sent out by the beginning of 2014. The billions in aid will go toward providing “better communications, night vision capabilities, maritime security and precision striking with F16 fighter jets.” While much of the aid is going to Pakistan’s military, a larger percentage will go toward setting up a dam project.

Do you think Pakistan should receive billions in US aid despite Pentagon officials and President Obama previously claiming the Pakistani government and military knew where Osama bin Laden was hiding?

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99 Responses to “Osama bin Laden Hiding Spot Allegedly Known By Pakistan, But Obama Offers Billions In Aid”

  1. Anonymous

    $1.6 billion to Pakistan as part of this “strategic dialogue.” Hu?? WTF how about keeping $1.6 Billion in the USA for Americans & USA programs, wtf ALREADY!

  2. Mike Costello

    How dumb are we? We suspect that Pakistan intentionally hides Bin Laden, the mastermind of 9-11, and we think we should send an additional $1.6 billion because we fear that if we don't they will become less trustworthy than they are now? I don't believe our POTUS is that clueless. I think there must be another reason that wasn't covered in this report.

  3. Jeff Kostbar

    I would cut the aide until we pay off our own debt and are stable financially ourselves. Further, I would take those 80 house members who closed down our govt. and the House Leader and put them on trial for the 25 Billion in losses to our govt. and private industry. That is criminal what they did. Where is any accountability in the world?

  4. Tav Green

    This jack wagon cant figure out how to negotiate a budget for the country he "leads", but can readily give away the store to a harborer of terrorist? Fool……

  5. Kathleen Trueman

    Are you kidding me??? We the people don't want to give our tax dollars to Pakistan.!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    We can't pay our own debt, but we can give money away and fund Obamacare?

  7. Cole Becker

    The US has has only been debt free once in our history, but i agree we shouldn't give money until we are more financially stable.

  8. Lance Davidson

    the gov just opened up after a shutdown cause of the debt we are in then they cut everyones food stamps but yet we are giving 1.6 billion to another country give me a break all i have to say is when people are starving they go after the ones who aren't. i think they should broadcast ethan hawks movie the purge on every tv in the usa cause we are not far from that

  9. Jerry Asper

    Hes expecting Pakistan to back him when the public declares war on his government.

  10. SlackerSlayer Lock

    The facts are this is hush up money because UBL was dead in December of 2001. Are there really some people out there that still buy into the lies of 9 11 etc?? Amazing, really amazing.

  11. SlackerSlayer Lock

    How about taking those 80 and trying them for the *treason* they perform. Those tea baggars (sic of me) are constantly on the "obamas going to destroy america for his commie pallies" when those tea baggars are the ones harming the American system.

  12. SlackerSlayer Lock

    Of course we do not want to give them anything,,, but the criminals need to feed them hush up money. I doubt the pakistanis are black mailing them. The fact is, if you are still unaware, UBL was dead in 2001, December, of natural causes.

  13. Anonymous

    The Inquisitr is a FAKE NEWS GROUP, WHO IS WORKING WITH GOP to make the President look bad.
    You know the one, the authorized the use of force to D I S T R O Y Bin Laden!

  14. Trever Meenen

    SlackerSlayer Lock Exactly! Osama Bin Laden was all ready dead but when Obama's birth certificate was starting to be labaled a fake he realized he had to do something drastic to take attention off of it so they made up this story the very next day that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid. Can't believe people bought that story there is no picture of the body even.

  15. Estelle Whiddon

    This is insane! We are in debt and giving money to a government who has cost us millions looking for someone they harbored and did not tell us???? This is just pure damn stupid. These folks are just sending us to hell in a handbasket and we are helping them do it by not cleaning out Washington. The time for change has come.

  16. Fisherman Fisherman

    Who side are they on, obviously not the US taxpayers. In the middle of cutting back US programs for our people, a shameful increase in Social Security for our seniors, no jobs, 47 million people on food stamps the the Obama administration and Congress has quietly approved $1.6 million in Military and economic aid to Pakistan corrupt government the same people that harbored Osama Bin Laden for years.

  17. Anonymous

    Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the twin towers. You can mistranslate his arabic words all you want but you cant hide from the truth. there is one video where he admits to the bombings but it isnt him, its planted evidence, anyone who has compared his videos will tell you. American policy is to kill now and ask questions later. He was not sent to trial because there was no evidence against him unlike Saddam.

  18. Jeffrey Lingford

    pakastan shouldnt receive a damn dime of the tax payers money. we shouldnt even be there. we offered to help em but they dont want any help. they just want our money.

  19. Roger Griggs

    you folks who wanted change, do business in d.c. different, ya didn't quite get what you voted for, twice. your loosing you food stamps, your medical freebies going away, but we're able to flush billions down the drain. vote for hillary, it'll be even better

  20. Anonymous

    All the military technology and weapons we give to Pakistan may at some time be turned against us in the future.

  21. Melinda Thibodeaux Bandeau

    How in the world can you give Borrowed Money away????? We can't pay our own debt but they want to help others,,trust me Pakistan does NOT need our money. Just another way of breaking American down. Stop paying Counties to be our friend

  22. Leigh Cross

    SlackerSlayer Lock you cannot spout thisis a fact without the ability to back it up. If you can….GREAT…if not get out of town!

  23. Anonymous

    SlackerSlayer Lock

    Well, thats funny…..only the chinese and the terrorists would say that "UBL was dead in December 2001 of natural causes"….Your are very very funny troll, Slayer.

  24. Michael Tew

    shouldn't the American people have a choice in sending money to places that hate us

  25. Michael Tew

    Jerry Asper I believe you and a lot of other muslim countries will help him also

  26. Jim Connors

    What's the point? Giving money to prevent terrorism to people who protect the leader of terrorism within their very own borders. Protect terrorism by supplying terrorists with money. How fucking stupid are you Obama?

  27. Anonymous

    You know something? I think this government SUCKS. They're more concerned with their precious foreign policy and helping other nations than they are with making America stronger. Fucking bastards.

  28. Louie Espiritu Kalman

    Youll be the first to kiss Obamas but, are you one of those millions attached to Obamas life support food stamp/ebt aid and willing to vote for him hell or high water? Yes Iknow already whatsup with you. Shame on you!

  29. Karachi/mumbai Friendship Twins Cities Forum

    Osama Bin Laden was the creation of the terrorist American ageny CIA during the Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan, he was trained, financed, supplied with latest weapons including stringer missiles, & when the A$$-holes American work was over they dumped Osama Bin Laden & made him a terrorist with so called organisation al quiada

  30. Brian Redmon

    i cant believe we are helping them build their military…and our own military guys and the disabled vets that got hurt over there fighting almost didnt get their checks this month..but we can give away 1.6 billion..

  31. Anonymous

    I never understood why the United States keeps sending out tax dollars to other countries, let alone Pakistan who clearly knew the whereabouts of OBL. C'mon, why didn't the US notify Pakistan of the raid??? That should tell you something…

  32. Anonymous

    Your an idiot… Let's be honest Obama is hated so much because he is black and the most powerful man in the world, politicians, and many others hate to admit it. But thats the truth! Lastly, republicans will NEVER EVER win the white house if they keep doing what they are doing which plainly shows their lack of effective leadership. Also the fack that they neglected the Latinos, which cost them the vote… and YES I'm a republican!!!

  33. Omar Ahmed

    Pakistan needs to do more before any aid can be given to them, if the war in Afghanistan is backed by the coalition then why is America paying out all the money, if any aid has to be given then it should be shared. At this critical juncture America needs to keep the money at home and look after it's own people, the priority of any government is it's own people and therefore this becomes the most critical national security issue. As for Osama, may be he was dead or maybe they killed him either way he's gone the subject should be closed Al Qaeda is almost finished as the funding went down the tube without osama's support, unless someone else is now supporting them (possibly another oil rich state that needs to keep the war on terror going to keep the oil prices up).

  34. Frank Tripodi

    i am shocked that people are actually surprised at this, pakistan knew all the time where bin laden was, the usa cannot trust any middle east countries, everytime we do they always turn on us,bin laden most likely paid them to stay there and the us government was fooled into thinking they can trust them and now giving them money when people in our own country cant afford to eat, well obama said we needed a change , right? someone should ask him when its going to start! cause this is the same old shit they been doing since he got elected the first time.

  35. Virginia Thomson

    Osama bin Laden died in December 2001 of kidney failure. Obama is attempting to make himself look like some kind of hero by offing bin Laden. However, Obama also had the SEALs murderered to keep the lid on the truth. Obama was and is a criminal, and shouldn't be representing the United States!!

  36. Phillip West

    WHY??????????????? Fix OUR country first. DEBT CEILING RASIED TO GIVE MONEY TO PAKISTAN Our government has gone insane!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Phillip West

    I don't hate him because he's black, he's destroying this country.

  38. Phillip West

    Mr. President, give Pakistan money from your own account. We the People cannot afford your extravagance.

  39. Phillip West

    Just like Iraq, we taught Saddam Hussein how to evade capture an deception during the Iran-Iraq war. Good thing we didn't give him good fighting weapons.

  40. Anonymous

    I see. Congress has cleared this expenditure but shut down the country to defund Obamacare? WTF?

  41. Tu Sene

    How dumb are we to give more foreign aid to Pakistan? Just 'cause Pak's President is going to visit should not be the decision maker to give billions to this country who support terrorists!! Can you imagine how those terrorists would laugh at our government when they receive these Billions of Dollars in spite of supporting Bin Laden!! It is not that hard to know who your enemies are – use common sense, no need to be a rocket scientist to understand.

  42. Anonymous

    when will you people realize obama is a criminal. What moron would give pakistan money. obama is the worst president in the history of mankind

  43. Tu Sene

    I feel so sad for this country & how such a brilliant country supporting darn terrorists in Pakistan. What proofs one need? 9/11 + Bin Laden… isn't this enough proof not to support terrorists in the world. Foreign aid should not be given to Pakistan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Egypt, Somalia & a few more African countries. If they are given any financial or any other type of aid, it's downright stupid.

  44. John Wilson

    The story is bull, they didn't know Bin Laden was there. The Inquisitor is a tabloid and is not a good source for facts. They don't name anyone with any connection the the Obama admin saying that Pakistan knew Bin Laden was there. How dumb are people to believe everything they read on the Internet from a known tabloid?

  45. Garrett McElveen

    John Wilson I do very much agree. The Inquisitor is a tabloid, but it is pretty apparent that we didn't go into Pakistan with their knowledge. They may not have known where he was as a government, but I'd bet there was fear that somebody was aiding him on the inside. All the same, I don't think Pakistan deserves a dime when we have greater problems than re-establishing dialogue with a nation that can't hardly hold itsself together.

  46. James Gilbeaux II

    Okay i understand everything else but you didnt read the part where. Hes giving them money so they can feeel like they can can protect themselves. Basically apologize for just bumrushing and killin people in there town. and last so we can get the troops out. If they have money to protect themselves my big brother can finally come home from a pointless war. I dont care about politics. But still its a pretty good enough plan for my family

  47. Garrett McElveen

    garryboring To be fair, the conspiracy theorists have a leg to stand on, albeit one comprable the the third member of an asian man. Bin Laden was widely believed to be deceased because of his need for dialysis and other terminal health issues. At the end of the day, though, I think it's safe to say he was in Pakistan, and we smoked his ass.

  48. Garrett McElveen

    chgolatin2 First off, Fact is the word you want there, and it's not the latinos that are the issue. It's the fuckin illegals that are, and he more or less gave them the ability to vote for him. Another issue that needs to be addressed is this widespread excuse he's hated because he's black. Pal, I've met many a black man that wants to see him evicted from the white house, because all he has managed to do since his initial inauguration is kill Bin Laden, and enact a health care reform that more and more people are beginning to dislike. I know that the Republican party has a fuckton of issues to work out, and while I'm much more conservative in my beliefs, I refuse to associate with a group that is too busy with infighting and finger pointing to work as a cohesive unit. We really need as a nation to rid ourselves of this partisan mindset and begin blurring the lines for the greater good.

  49. Garrett McElveen

    SlackerSlayer Lock Well here's the thing. The money was there, and while the liberals continue to try and say somehow a crime was committed, the only one that was is Obama not paying the bills. While the budget wasn't approved, he still had the money to keep us out of default if it came to that. He also has the authority to procreate those funds. Another thing that people tend to miss (ignore, if you prefer) is the Democrats were just as willing to say fuck the budget, because they wouldn't accept one that didn't fund Obamacare. The way I see it is, if you wanna look better than the other guy, pass the budget, then sit at the table and work out what you want as well. But NEITHER SIDE would do that. So before you just go blindly pointing your finger saying "Conservative Extremist", make sure you're aware of the entire situation.

  50. David Hume

    Obama murders thousands of innocent civilians in Pakistan with his drones. Billions of dollars are just guilt money. Obama knew Osama bin Laden was dead years earlier, or if alive was bedridden on dialysis. SEALs killed bin Laden's brother, not bin Laden. No dialysis found at the compound. Obama then had the body quickly dumped in the sea, and all pictures concealed, to hide the hoax. Pakistan is getting bribe money, to cover up mass murders of Pakistani civilians and the bin Laden hoax. We want to pay billions to maintain Obama's "credibility." Obama is very expensive. That's why Obama can't have a debt limit. He spends without limit, to maintain his "credibility."

  51. Sam America

    Here's a clue for you Peabrained Numbskulls — Not one facet of this narrative is true — Not 9-11–Not the situation room — Not the Burial at Sea — Nothing — OBL was dead years before — Most of the Seals involved are dead now also — Dead Seals tell no tails — America's greatest threat has been coming from within for years.

  52. Anonymous

    Thats just like dumbass Obama to ive pakistan aid again. What an idiot giving money to terrorists while American families struggle to survive. You can bet your ass Bush wouldnt

  53. Bill Netter

    Why are we paying for a damn dam to be built in Pakistan? We need so many fixes of bridges and roads and other things that are in disrepair, but instead we are just going to build a damn dam for people who hate Americans? This isn't a Republican or a Democrat thing, this is just one more instance of our Government making the wrong choice AGAIN! Why would we borrow money from other nations and then give other Countries billions of our dollars? Am I stupid, or does this not add up? (Yes, I already know I'm stupid …. no need for conformation on that, OK? LOL) The older I get, the more pissed off I am that there is so much blatant stupidity in one area of the USA …. Washington DC!

  54. Matt Holmberg

    So we know they were in bed with the head terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, yet we're going to give them money AND MILITARY Equipment so they can help the other terrorists too. Now the U.S. government is the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world. Swell. Isn't our government shutting down because we're broke? Where's the money coming from, or are we just printing more?

  55. Ken Siembida Sr

    Why must you remind us of this terrorist all the time ? Your articles do nothing to inform the public of anything we did not already know. Stifle it !

  56. Cindy Schmick

    chgolatin2 "…the most powerful man in the world…"! Give me a break! To begin with, the man is a mulatto, not black. He hides behind being "black" when he is half-black, raised by whites in a white world. When it suits him he's black. Besides, he has no backbone and is merely a puppet of the Democrats.

  57. Anonymous

    It's outrageous for the US to be giving money to other countries with ours in such bad shape. It's equally outrageous that people actually blame Obama. The US was giving away it's treasure and buying "friends" before Obama was even born. It's this kind of ignorance that keeps us under the heel of these corrupt politicians and their rich handlers. I guess tea partiers and republicans are intellectually challenged.

  58. Chris Maikoski

    I just hate the fact that all the rednecks come out complaining whenever Obama is mentioned.

  59. Anonymous

    Are Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama related as step-brothers? They both had/have some of the same attitudes to "Take Over The World".

  60. Toby Bollier

    Its time for a third party to be voted in! How much destruction does it take before people wake up and realize we have an incompetent government? Support the Green Party, it can only put fear into the Losers in Washinton and hopefully get this country back on track.

  61. Anonymous

    Not no, but HELL NO! I thought we couldn't afford to support our poor or the elderly? We are creating a deficit every year and can't pay our bills. Now we are going to pay Billions to our enemies? We need to clean house in Congress. I don't know who these guys are working for, but it's not Americans.

  62. Allan Davies

    When I hear people say " I don't know what Obama is doing … I voted for him cuz he's black." shows me the intelligence level of many Americans when it comes to electing the leader of the country. And my question is "Why is he referred to as 'black' when he is half and half? Black is 100% black, not the Oreo he is. Blight is the appropriate description in more ways than one.

  63. Greg Golden

    I can see giving "humanitarian" aid to countries, for natural disasters, displaced citizens due to these F'd up wars they have (Red Cross??)- but NO MORE "Military / Defense" aid to these countries, it's time these countries get their acts together or not, and if it means they kill each other, so be it..last time I checked we had ONE civil war and we got our "act" together, and these countries have them on a weekly, monthly, yearly basis…it's insane.
    Our elected officials do not do our bidding as it was supposed to be – they cater to big business and the people and companies that bankrolled them into office…
    Has any of these countries that we ever have "aided" payed us back?????

  64. Anonymous

    No money to Pakistan, no aid to any muslim country. See what the territorial demigods of the world are doing to France, Denmark, England and Norway. These people need to be contained in their own countries. There are no entry zones in these countries that police won't go into, firemen, doctors and government officials. These people are being controlled by Imams, gangs and radicals.

  65. Roger Poulin

    And the stories start as the Republicans search for another needle to defeat the President and the Democratic Party. Just get back to work and help America and not your party you idiots.

  66. Thomas L Cassidy

    Apparently it doesn't bother a majority of the American electorate that their grandchildren's future well-being is being spent to curry favor with a nation of savages who would be happy to cut our throats.

  67. Thomas L Cassidy

    chgolatin2 Being black has nothing to do with it. What I object to is his political philosophy. I can name a number of black men and women I would vote for today, if it were possible.

  68. Thomas L Cassidy

    SlackerSlayer Lock You sound very knowledgeable concerning the practice of "tea bagging." Hmmm.

  69. Fresno ChatRoom

    All the while I'm here busting my butt and paying my taxes … And yes I PAY taxes … Not one of those people who gets a huge refund every year for who knows what … I'm struggling to keep my home and I got to give Pakistan my money … What have they done for me lately? … They sure have not helped me trying to keep a roof over my head that's for sure …

  70. Anonymous

    It Doesn't matter who is in there. They are all morons. Obama is one of the worst presidents there ever was and you voted him yet again. You wanted change. Get ready to beg for change. The US government is a total embarrassment. They can't work together and the close up shop like a baby when they don't get there ways. Sickening.

  71. Anonymous

    Are you effin kidding? Billions to Pakistan? F.U. America. Enjoy being broke and losing our own freedoms.

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