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Hailing from the “other” Melbourne, Patrick Frye has years of experience working for Defense contractor, medical, and IT companies. During this time he launched several business ventures involving software engineering, video game development, eCommerce/webzine, and Green technologies. Patrick enjoys writing on a variety of topics, including philosophy, politics, science, religion, technology and entertainment...especially video games. He was one of the founding writers for, a blog focused on Intelligent Design. He has previously published several short stories on his blog ICE and is currently working on a SciFi novel. Email:

WWE: John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan A ‘Dream Match’ Or A Nightmare?

WWE: John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan A 'Dream Match' Or A Nightmare?

The prospect of the WWE allowing a Hulk Hogan Vs. John Cena may have Hogan calling it his “dream match,” but would it be just a nightmare for WWE fans? In a related report by The Inquisitr, when Hulk celebrated his 61st birthday, it’s claimed Ric Flair snubbed the other wrestling legend, and now he… Read more »

Chicken Crossing The Road Ends In 911 Call, No Joke [Video]

Chicken Crossing The Road Ends In 911 Call, No Joke [Video]

A chicken crossing the road had one concerned citizen dialing 911 to call in the emergency in Portland, Oregon. Although the 911 dispatcher probably suspected a prank was about to happen, it turns out the 91 call was no joking matter. In a related report by The Inquisitr, in another instance of a chicken crossing… Read more »

Osama Bin Laden: ISIS In Iraq And Syria Too Wicked For al Qaeda

bin ladin vs isis

Before Osama bin Laden’s death, he apparently received a letter that claimed the Muslim group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was too extreme even in comparison to al Qaeda. Interestingly enough, bin Laden’s own top officials in the terrorist organization wanted to break off any ties to ISIS. In a related report by… Read more »