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Hailing from the “other” Melbourne, Patrick Frye has years of experience working for Defense contractor, medical, and IT companies. During this time he launched several business ventures involving software engineering, video game development, eCommerce/webzine, and Green technologies. Patrick enjoys writing on a variety of topics, including philosophy, politics, science, religion, technology and entertainment...especially video games. He was one of the founding writers for, a blog focused on Intelligent Design. He has previously published several short stories on his blog ICE and is currently working on a SciFi novel. Email:

WWE: The Undertaker Now A NXT ‘Adviser,’ Retirement Coming Soon?

the undertaker pic-846

In the WWE, The Undertaker has been a main event staple for many years, but with the streak over with there’s always been rumors that we may see The Undertaker retired relatively soon. Now that the Deadman has unofficially announced that he’s taking a new role with the WWE NXT development team, does this mean… Read more »

Jay Z, Beyonce, And Lil’ Wayne Are All ‘Music That Makes You Dumb’

Jay Z And Beyonce Divorce? Cheating, Fighting Rumors Run Wild, And So Do Ticket Sales

Jay Z, Beyoncé, and Lil’ Wayne may all be extremely popular, but according to California Institute of Technology student Virgil Griffith, he’s managed to gather evidence that those acts are all part of the “music that makes you dumb.” Of course, even if the study is true that isn’t providing those artists from cashing in… Read more »