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Hailing from the “other” Melbourne, Patrick Frye has years of experience working for Defense contractor, medical, and IT companies. During this time he launched several business ventures involving software engineering, video game development, eCommerce/webzine, and Green technologies. Patrick enjoys writing on a variety of topics, including philosophy, politics, science, religion, technology and entertainment...especially video games. He was one of the founding writers for, a blog focused on Intelligent Design. He has previously published several short stories on his blog ICE and is currently working on a SciFi novel. Email:

Dead Man? Medical Examiner Stunned By Thomas Sancomb’s Resurrection

Dead Man? Medical Examiner Stunned By Thomas Sancomb's Resurrection

Why was Thomas Sancomb considered a dead man? Medical examiner teams responding to the scene thought the man was “cold to the touch and in rigor” according to forensic investigator Genevieve Penn, but 50 minutes later they found out just how wrong they were since Sancomb experienced a zombie-like resurrection. In a related report by… Read more »

Jim Carrey, Cathriona White Back Together? The Old Flame May Be Rekindled

Jim Carrey, Cathriona White back together?

Jim Carrey and Cathriona White could be dating again. The two had a brief romance back in 2012 but were recently seen in public together again, holding hands. Sometimes things can change or be tolerated, like Jim’s battle with depression, a condition which has ended numerous lives. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Dumb… Read more »

George Soros: World War 3 Between U.S. And Russia, China ‘No Exaggeration’

World War 3

According to famed hedge fund investor George Soros, World War 3 could occur between the United States and both Russia and China based upon certain economic conditions that are setting themselves up. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Russian experts are recommending that Vladimir Putin use Russia’s nuclear weapons against the Yellowstone volcano in… Read more »

Bristol’s Wedding Drama Turns Into Hillary Clinton Vs. Sarah Palin Hate Fest

Bristol's Wedding Drama Turns Into Hillary Clinton Vs Sarah Palin Hate Fest

Bristol’s wedding plans are cancelled, but the fight between liberals and conservatives has only just begun. The explanation left by Sarah Palin triggered a hate fest that continues to wind its way around the internet, and in response, some conservative Republicans have begun attacking Hillary Clinton for her 2016 presidential campaign. Regardless of the fact… Read more »

Yellowstone: Bison Attacks Girl In The National Park Over Photo Op

Yellowstone: Bison Attacks Girl In The National Park Over Photo Op

Yellowstone’s bison can be quite dangerous if approached, as one unlucky foreign exchange student found out the hard way. The student’s bison photo had her turning her back on the potentially dangerous animal, and in response, the bison gored her right through the buttocks. In a related report by the Inquisitr, Russian experts are recommending… Read more »

Giant Squid: New Zealand Sea Monster’s Death A Mystery [Photo]

Giant Squid: New Zealand Sea Monster's Death A Mystery [Photo]

A giant squid found in New Zealand is a mystery since scientists are uncertain what caused the death of the giant sea monster. But they also have a giant squid from 2013 they are using as a comparison. In a related report by the Inquisitr, in New Zealand, a rare oarfish was found and photographed… Read more »