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Controversial Bus Ads In San Francisco Spark Backlash

controversial bus ads

A controversial bus ad campaign in San Francisco prompt backlash. The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) sponsored the bus ads which feature an Osama bin Laden and terroristic images. One of the campaign ads on Muni buses show the twin towers burning in the background. The San Francisco bus ads include the tagline, “That’s his… Read more »

Osama Bin Laden Burial Received Proper Islamic Treatment

Osama Bin Laden Burial Followed Proper Islamic Rituals

Despite his complete lack of respect for human life, the Osama Bin Laden burial at sea followed traditional Islamic procedures according to recently revealed military e-mails. The documents were shared among “leadership” members aboard the Navy carrier where the burial took place. A Navy commander aboard the USS Carl Vinson asked a public affairs officer… Read more »

Osama Bin Laden Lives … In Low-Budget Zombie Movie ‘Osombie’

Osama bin Laden's low-budget zombie resurrection

So the public never got to see the death photos of Osama bin Laden because he really isn’t dead. Rather, undead. At least that’s the story a production company is going with in their film featuring a very zombified ex-Taliban leader. Utah production company Arrowstorm Entertainment has released a film in which the former terrorist… Read more »