FirstRain Offers Indepth Blog Monitoring Package

Research provider FirstRain has launched two new qualitative analytics packages: FirstRain Blog Monitor and FirstRain Capital Markets Monitor.

Both report on the interaction between web results and the market to enable better decisions using FirstRain’s qualitative analytics technology, distilling unstructured data into concise data points and trends for a professional audience.

The FirstRain Blog Monitor offers relevant, original and impactful data points from high impact blogs and are designed to be used by investors, CFOs, and CMOs to generate investing ideas and market understanding. Blog Monitor offers four reports: The FirstRain Investing Blog Report, The FirstRain Technology Blog Report, The FirstRain Healthcare Blog Report and The FirstRain Energy Blog Report.

FirstRain Capital Market Monitor provides insight for financial professionals on their key investments, the stakeholders driving the conversation, and new opportunities.

Naturally I find Blog Monitor the more interesting of the two products. It offers high end analytical reporting based on relevant blogs delivered to top tier management in a way that can help influence investments and general decision making. Reports such as these aren’t new, but there’s isn’t a lot in this space that is so specifically defined as this offering.