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Vera Wang NFL Cheerleader Uniforms To Make Debut On Sunday

NFL uniform changes are a big deal. Especially when they involve cheerleaders. The Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad will be wearing new Vera Wang outfits this Sunday when they step out onto the field.

According to The Post Game, this is the second time that the famous designer has tackled uniforms in the NFL. Wang, who is a good friend with Eagles Co-owners Jeff and Christina Weiss Lurie, designed the Eagles cheerleader outfits in 2003.

Wang said: “I was trying to marry athletic performance and sex appeal… These outfits are highly athletic… It was a challenge to make sure the pieces were sexy and they wouldn’t fall apart.”

Wang has some experience with athletic wardrobes. The designer has also designed outfits for figure skates like Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan.

Christina Weiss Lurie said: “Vera beautifully achieved our vision for the signature pieces with a fashion forward and sporty look that represents our style… We feel the uniforms are ideal for the cutting-edge image of the cheerleaders – chic while displaying athleticism.”

Wang said that the outfits will change over the course of the season. The Eagles play outdoors and Wang wanted to make sure that the cheerleaders were comfortable as well as sexy. The designer said that as the season moves into winter the girls will start covering up with sweaters and skirts.

Wang said: “I had to take into consideration climate and movement. I usually don’t work with spandex too much unless it is inside a dress.”

Here’s a look at some of the designs in store for this season.