Vikings and Eagles will play Tuesday night

The NFL made a tough call Sunday. The Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles were suppose to plat a game at 1PM at Lincoln Financial Field. The NFL postponed that game till Tuesday night because of a snow emergency and the certain amount of not knowing what the affect of snow would be or what the aftermath of a significant snowfall would have on the city. It was a tough call, but it seems to me that they made the right one,

I don’t want to write a story about NFL fans who have died or been injured because they wanted to see a game in the elements. The NFL does not want that kind of press. This was a tough call, but who wants 50 thousand people braving the elements and significant snowfall to see a football game. Having that many people out in the weather is a recipe for disaster, and now the city will get some time to clean up the snow and insure everyone’s safety.

This is a big disadvantage for the Eagles. They need to beat the Vikings Tuesday night and then beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday to secure a first round bye in the coming NFL playoffs. The Vikings will play Tuesday and then make their second trip to Detroit’s Ford Field to play a suddenly hot Detroit Lions team.

In the end for the Vikings it is another bad omen in a season that has been filled with them. I think this season has accelerated their departure from Minnesota, and that they need to change the way that they do things. Of course it has given Leslie Frazier his first head coaching gig, and I think he will be a good one.

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