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Girl Guides Remove ‘God’ From Oath, So Church Removes Their Meeting Place

Girl Guides

Girl Guides, Britain’s version of the Girl Scouts, has removed “God” from its promise oath, causing Christian groups and churches in England to turn right around and remove the group’s longtime meeting place… the church.

Religious leaders will no longer allow the 103-year-old Girl Guides organization to use their facilities as meeting places, finding that it would be “hypocritical” to allow them use when they have “abandoned” their “core beliefs.”

“If the Guide promise does not mention God, I cannot see why they should be on Church premises,” said Reverend Paul Williamson of St. George’s Church in Feltham, Middlesex.

Instead of swearing allegiance to God in the promise oath, Girl Guides members will instead promise to be “true to myself.” The oath is also swapping “country” allegiance language with a pledge to serve the “community.” One sole chapter in Harrogate balked at the new oath, and said they’d be “sticking with the previous Promise.”

“The Girl Guide Association does not realize what it’s done,” Williamson continued. “It has not thought through the consequences and has made itself look ridiculous.”

Some might brand the church’s decision to disallow Girl Guides chapters (except for the Harrogate chapter) from using their facilities as petty. But Reverend Brian Hunt said that churches let the group use their premises for free, adding, “I don’t think, in fairness, that Girl Guides can expect churches to provide premises for free when they don’t believe in God.”

A spokeswoman for Girl Guides said that they didn’t intend to be anti-church, but explained the change in oath language as an attempt to “unify all girls of all backgrounds and all circumstances,” and that “updating the promise does not alter our continuing commitment to offer all girls a safe space where they can explore and develop their beliefs.”

But the group’s leadership doesn’t seem too concerned about miffing church leaders and even bringing an end to a 50-year+ relationship. “If they [local churches] do not feel able to we will work with local volunteers to ensure a suitable alternative venue is found.”

Secular groups have also criticized the church for banning the Girl Guides. National Secular Society campaigns manager Stephen Evans opined that there’s “something deeply unpleasant and unchristian” about the situation.

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57 Responses to “Girl Guides Remove ‘God’ From Oath, So Church Removes Their Meeting Place”

  1. Richard Wright

    GOD says in HIS WORD that any nation that turns from HIM HE will cast into Hell.Britain has been heading there since after WW11 when they refused to help the JEWISH people find a Homeland Just look at America were on a fast track behind them. America has only one more line to cross.When that happins we will pass Britain up.

  2. Jennifer Zupko Spaeth

    Just goes to show you how petty organized religions can be. The group still does good things for the community, benefiting many people but if they are not going to say 'god' they need to go. Idiots. Religious orgs show their true colors in situations like this and it is not pretty.

  3. Cyndi Cumbee Tant

    On my honor, I will try to do my duty to God and my country and to help other people at all times and to obey the Girl Scout laws. (This is the only way that it should be said.)

  4. Jera Skaggs

    if the church was letting them use it for free, then they have every right to deny use of their facility, if they so choose, of course it does seem silly to me, but it's their church.

  5. Robert Stewart

    The church did the right thing. Let the atheists who keep pressing for these changes at every level of our lives provide the space. Of course they won't.

  6. Silvia Maria Ricketts

    The church has the right to ban them from holding meetings in church. A spokeswoman for Girl Guides said that they didn’t intend to be anti-church, but explained the change in oath language as an attempt to “unify all girls of all backgrounds and all circumstances,” and that “updating the promise does not alter our continuing commitment to offer all girls a safe space where they can explore and develop their beliefs.” How is the change in language an attempt to unify all the girls, when does who believe in God and saying the word God are banned from saying it. Those girls are not able to explore and develop their beliefs. Why do Christians need to conform to the secular word? The secular word is not conforming to Godly people.

  7. Tom Hughes

    Jennifer one pays for their actions. If this group had not been religious in the beginning they would have never been allowed in the churches.

  8. Jeanette Perry

    they changed the wording, it used to be: On my honor i will try to serve God, my country and mankind and live by the girl scout law.

  9. Patrice Cassidy Ripley

    Faith is not validated through works , works are a part of it but not all of it , this is not petty , once you take God out and make it secular, the church should have nothing to do with this group.

  10. Patrice Cassidy Ripley

    It is the Christian's place to be in this world but not of it, letting the secular in to the church is becoming of this world and I would leave a church that would let a secular org. stay.

  11. Angelene Frederick

    Well Jennifer Zupko Spaeth; the church if for God and if they don't want him in their organization, they should be free to leave quickly. They made the decision, they suffer the consequences of that decision. And, removing God is not bring unity to anything really.

  12. Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

    quote:National Secular Society campaigns manager Stephen Evans opined that there’s “something deeply unpleasant and unchristian” about the situation."
    How funny that he can be the judge of what is Christian.

  13. Roger Barton

    Mr. Wright, I'm fine with that. If heaven is filled with close-minded, vengeful bigots like you, I wouldn't want to spend an afternoon there, much less an eternity.

  14. Jim Summers

    It's more One World Government continuing to implement it's way into every group, school, activity, anyway they can eliminate God, Religion and allegiance to Country. They want a One World Community without Religion or Sovereign Borders. Two classes, the Elite Kings of the NWO and the rest of us doing what they tell us to do everyday.

  15. Paul Butow

    I am an Athiest and I actually agree with the Church on this one. It is the churches right here. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.

  16. Lesha Johanneck

    So sad how everything in the bible is coming true. This world is really going to crap.

  17. Lesha Johanneck

    Yup were all being tested. Everything that's in the bible is happening. :(

  18. Lesha Johanneck

    There trying to do this in the army to you are not aloud to talk about god or you will be charged as bad as someone being raped. There slowly trying to turn us weak so they can take away our rights and turn it to united nations so they can control us more. Just like the talk of the rfdi chip being put in. …in the bible that's the mark of the beast.

  19. Charlotte Mohr Poole

    Again, another opportunity to make Christians look like the bad guys. We also have our rights and when we stand up to defend our beliefs we are criticized.. I am sick and tired of the lop-sided society we live in..I am a Christian, Jesus is my Saviour, I am proud that the Churches in England had the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what they believe.

  20. Andrew Stevenson

    yeah but it's ok to shoot up fort hood if you shout "alluah akbar" first. apologizing to allah for serving in the infidel army helps as well, at least to get support from obama administration.

  21. Shannon Glover Smith

    Exactly! And Mr. Evans is quite accurate but probably not in the way he intended. There is something deeply unpleasant and unchristian about taking all references to God out of their pledge.

  22. Thomas Rossi

    Anything is "petty" when someone dares to defy your Cult isn't than right Jen-Jen?

  23. Robin Johnson

    That is just it what should you care of people making fun of your faith if you are so certain it should not bother you,but remember not everyone HAS to believe in the Christian God.You and your ilk are mad because us non Christians are not letting you shove it down our throats and invade everyday life.You are the ones who want to have it your way or no way.If I want my kid to learn of god I send him to church I want him to learn to read and write I send him to school.

  24. Lisa Carpenter

    The Full UK promise was – "I Promise that I will to do my best to – Love my God, Serve my queen and my country, to help other people and to keep the girl guide law" Senior Section girls also had "and to be of service to my community" at the end. I hate how Americans think that their way is right when Scouting and Girl guides were started by BP in England, not the US.

  25. Lisa Carpenter

    Girl Guiding UK has never been a Christian Organisation. The God in the UK promise didn't specifically refer to any God – promise takers were also free to change God to the name of any God that their saw fit, or to pluralise it if that fitted their own beliefs better. Christianity was never part of the programme at all. The organisation just needed their members to have some form of belief system – whatever that was.

  26. Lizi Higham

    Actually, they will and have. That's incredibly judgemental, Robert. The Girl Guides in the UK is not designed to teach Christian beliefs, but to encourage young girls to develop their own beliefs, along with learning how to help others. Morality and goodness is not a religious thing.

  27. Lizi Higham

    Shannon Glover Smith Stop saying that the Girl Guides is a Christian organisation, because it isn't. This article has nothing to do with the American Girl Scouts, this is a British organisation.

  28. Lizi Higham

    Richard Nicoletti The church was doing nothing for them except providing a room one evening a week. The Girl Guides organisation did all the actual work, and is secular.

  29. Lizi Higham

    Can everyone please get this fact right: this is the Girl Guides in the UK, NOT the Girl Scouts in the US. The Girl Guides is not meant to be all about Christianity, so please stop berating them for making the right choice for their members.

  30. Charlotte Mohr Poole

    Robin Johnson You are doing exactly what I was saying in my original post. No one is forcing you to believe in God, it is my right to believe in God. I am not criticizing you for your beliefs however, you seem compelled to get your panties in a bunch over someone stating what they believe. I see you are apparently in High School…you still have a long way to go to becoming an intelligent adult.

  31. Amanda Lanigan

    Being raised as a christian (but no longer one due to seeing EXTENSIVE hypocracy in a suposedly loving religion), I DO feel able to judge what it's christian. Ousting an organization just because it removes WORDS because they don't want ANYONE of ANY belief system to feel accepted is indeed petty and most definately UN-christ-like.

  32. Amanda Lanigan

    Why do you need to defend your beliefs? Isn't it enough that you and your good know you believe? If you really feel you are right, nothing anyone else says should matter to you. Christians ARE the bad guys, look at how many people have died for the sake of or in the name of god. Christians, or self professed christians if you prefer, have beenthe bane of humanity for hundreds of years. How many wars have been started by Buddists, or pagans, or athiests. Not a one. You get defensive of your beliefs because you are not 100% sure you are right and that scares you.

  33. Chris Flaris

    It will get worst before it gets better folks. I know my savior and he holds my future. All the events that's happening just simply means that Jesus is coming soon.

  34. Berny Chaff

    This is just one small example of many examples as to how the Jews infiltrate, twist, corrupt and subvert any group or government they infiltrate!

    “Some call it Marxism [Communism], I call it JUDAISM.” – Rabbi S. Wise, The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism)!

  35. Berny Chaff

    The mark of the beast is not ON your forehead, it's IN your forehead, that is to say, in your brain, who you worship and IN your hands, who you work for !!!

  36. Christallin Bringingsexyback Tabb

    Amen and I know that's right! The church did the exact right thing. Just another sad commentary on how the world is abandoning God and worshipping the god of "self." I don't see how you can pledge an oath (not a Biblical thing to do anyway,) to "the community," only? Isn't that just telling the young ladies that they have no allegiance beyond themselves? This doesn't promote unity or working together for the common good, it only promotes self glorification.

  37. Beverly Hibdon

    I would not like for someone to expect to come to my home and then ignore me. Actually that is very rude. They would not be welcomed back,fer sure.

  38. Beverly Hibdon

    I would not like for someone to expect to come to my home and then ignore me. Actually that is very rude. They would not be welcomed back,fer sure.

  39. Jera Skaggs

    that was my point, it's their church, they can do as they please. The group was using the church for free so they really have no right to complain anyway

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