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Teen commits suicide live on


Abraham K. Biggs, 19 from Florida committed suicide live on Wednesday after being encouraged by viewers to do so.

The story as best we can follow it is that Biggs threatened to overdose on pills live on on a bodybuilding forum at According to eyewitness reports, moderators didn’t believe him, and other users either on, or both egged him on to do it. Biggs, known as “candyjunkie” then posted a suicide note (copy here), downed a pile of pills then “went to sleep” all on camera. According to a report here, “he breathes for a few hours, people think he’s going to be alright and keep joking and trash talking him on”. Some time later people realize he was not moving, someone tracks down his details, calls police and paramedics, who then broke into his house to come to his aid…with that all being streamed live as well.

NewTeeVee has confirmed Biggs’ death with the Broward County medical examiner.

The story is infinitely sad, and made worse by others having egged him on to do it, but this statement from CEO Michael Seibel doesn’t help things:

As for the broadcaster incident last night, we don’t comment on individual videos, however, our policy prohibits inappropriate content on We rely on the community to flag videos that they feel are objectionable. Once a video is flagged, it is reviewed and quickly removed from the system if it violates our Terms of Use.

I understand they are concerned about the legal angle of what has happened, but to not at least express sympathy for the family, the kid, or even for what has gone on isn’t going to win them any fans.

(image: CNN iReport)

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39 Responses to “Teen commits suicide live on”

  1. davidthefat

    Damn? **** got real? I saw the video of it my self but I was not part of this suicide? Im just 14 people? I was on the Teen Misc not the Misc most of the time?
    ust to tell you, is down right now, IDK if its because of this or the guys buying stock share from it or something?
    People, damn? Why do you think it was our fault? You guys werent even there? The comments about ?Go do it? or what ever were from trolls, troll are people that have nothing else to do but make people?s lives miserable, there were tons and tons of troll on, some posting sick pics and some bull **** about their identity or stats (body weight and lifting stats)

    Honestly, why did it take like 24 hours to get on the news sties like this? its should be faster

    Oh yea, if you do look at his post history, he was considered a troll , its like the boy who cried wolf, he posted so much bull **** that when he was actually serious, no one believed him? well its his fault, do not put any blame on

    He was like the boy who cried wolf, and the Misc (the forum section where it was taking place) honestly its not a serious forum, nothing much is taken serious there (but some females actually did give nudes, which I didnt get any of) NOTHING ON THE MISC IS EVER TAKEN SERIOUSLY… Thats why people were “teasing” him and stuff

  2. Dominic Rivera doesn't get it that it's not just about flagging a video.

  3. MarionInAustralia

    The young man was obviously suicidal and he decided to get himself some fame on the way out. No way would I kill myself on a camera for my family to see if I was so inclined. How can his parents live with what he did? Blame the people at a website their son was already harassing for fame and attention? Of course.

  4. sadened

    Im just passing through, and thought I'd pay my respects to Abraham.
    Sorry noone was there to help you in your time of need.
    Rest well buddy, you're safe now :)

  5. Dean Albarne

    I think this is a sad story, and it annoys me that this guy was egged on by others. Life to me is precious, especially mine, and if Abraham could have only told the other online morons to do it to themselves then he may be still alive today. I think that he must have been ill with depression, or may have been a victim of bullying. The background to his plight must be investigated. Obviously the poor guy needed help.

  6. jess

    were can i see this video?
    email me the video, i want to see it. not to be gross,
    but if its really true i wanna see it
    email me the video at
    is it really true??”

  7. Babaleo

    This is the results of a immoral and spiritual divested society. Americans are known all over the world for it's arrogance and selfishness. How our children are allow the dishonor their parents and the immoral degradation of it's leaders. the corruption of it's government. and the abuses of power allowed to it's local police forces. we lost the finest and brightest minds to a war we had nothing to do with. and the deplorable choices of it's financial institutions and commercial enterprises. Unless we repent all our hearts and turn away from the wickedness that this country is plague with we will wittiness a lot more tragedy. As the Almighty God turn his back on this country

  8. Suzy

    You all are fuckin morons. Some poor kid killed himself and you selfish assholes are just writing a bunch of bullshit. Show a little sympathy for fucks sake.

  9. odizzle

    This is sad and kind of disturbing to me. How anyone thought this was cool is beyond me. I think if one isn't distrurbed by this, there is something wrong with you.

  10. Sam

    i wish the Biggs family well and i send them my condolinces. Abraham sounded like a real nice kid who in life could've dealt with his problems in a different way. I have depression and Post Traumatic Stress and i do sometimes get suicidal but then i stop for a minute and realize “what am i doing?” i am going to hurt a lot of people when i leave. And to all the viewers that watched him die….u all are selfish bastards who think death is funny and get a kick out of it……YOU ALL ARE SICK FUCKS!!!!!

    Abraham Biggs did not deserve to die in the way he did. Why didnt anyone try to help him then let him die like he did. I cant believe that people would do something perverted something like this…….WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SICK FUCKS?!!!!!!

    To Abrahams family; i hope you find peace in your losses and that you could never forget your wonderful son and how he wouldve succeeded in life and wouldve made it.

    To Abrahams love: i wish u warmth and comfort for your loss of your boyfriend or whatever he was to you. I feel sorry that you lost your baby's daddy……I hope you will remember him well and never forget him.

    Lots of love and condolince: Sam

  11. TAMIKA

    OMG! This image is chilling. More so by the fact that a gun is trained on him in the upper right hand corner. My heart goes out to his family. It's cool to sit back and laugh/criticize..but behind this image was a person who obviously was reaching out.I wish help would have arrived on time.Please this should be a lesson to all.CALL 4 HELP IMMEDIATELY…DO NOT WAIT TO SEE IF ITS A BLUFF OR NOT..BY THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE!!!

  12. antonio

    get your facts straight. he took the pills and went to sleep before anyone came on and started telling him to do it. and those people, like most who watched thought it was a joke, as this person had made previous fake announcements of committing suicide.

  13. antonio

    Why will he always be a hero?
    Did he commit suicide in a public forum, as a statement about the oppression of his peoples? No; He killed himself because he was depressed, and did it publicly as one last atempt to feel special, no doubt.
    Sad? Yes. Heroic? No!

  14. antonio

    I feel sorry for you, that you are so blinded by your beliefs in silly tooth-fairy-like beings, and your feelings of superiority over us all, to look at a suicide as what it is; Not “God turning his back on [us]” but the desperation of a single human being. If he was tired of living he had every right to die, and got what he wanted.

  15. toad

    true this is a sad story but try having to do a school assignment about suicide right after your best friend died this way RIP both Emily Lewis 1992-2009 and this kid

  16. sataness

    wow! are u serious? repent? to who? an invisible man in the clouds somewhere…please…your prayers and tears go out to the family? tears? really? did you really cry or is this a way for you to polish your imaginary good guy badge? i don't doubt that this is somewhat sad…but suicide isn't confined to america…not that i should even have to say that…what about all of the suicide bombers…do you feel bad for them? get over it…i don't feel bad for this kid…it's selfish…and besides…why would i spend my time feeling bad for him…he got what he wanted…let's be happy that he isn't miserable anymore…he's dead…and no one should be angry at the people who “egged” him on…they don't have mind control devices…he was obvioulsy going to do it anyway…although it's possible that they helped to speed the whole thing up…the kid chose how he wanted to die and he did it…let it go…wake up…god has nothing to do with anything that has ever and will ever happen…we do it…you do it…i do it…that's it. sorrow will always exsist…it has to…

  17. Becks Cb

    that's the police when they found him.. its not a joke guys, I respect every ones opinion… but it is serious stuff.. poor kid, it only takes one person to reach out.. and he could still be here.

  18. Cynthia Diaz

    Truly sad, what gets me the most is that there is always somebody thinking that once they kill themselves, they will not be in pain no more, but there is purgatory. There are lost souls out there who wonder why they did what they did when it is too late. Pain does live on ppl, it is called unfinished business. This child certainly had unfinished business to live life, but chose to go the easy way instead. That is why I am always reassuring with my lil man letting him know that I will always be here for him for anything, and that life gets tough, but there is always a way out.

  19. David Everleth


  20. David Everleth

    after reading this,and studying .I realize how hard it is ti deal withlyou can post what you wont to my face book,and I will reply.please no picks uv bad shit

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