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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Faces Backlash On Social Media

Jeopardy! host faces backlash on social media.

Jeopardy! host Alex GTrebek didn’t handle a kid contestant properly and he is hearing about it on social media.

Last week, the trivial program held a kids edition, but things didn’t work as they normally do for host Alex Trebek, when he went a bit overboard with a 12-year-old contestant who misspelled the word “emancipation”.

Thomas Hurley III, an 8th grader from Newtown, Connecticut, says he was cheated out of $3,000 after he misspelled “Emancipation Proclamation” during the Final Jeopardy round.

Jeopardy! gives contestants the answer and they have to state the question.

In Hurley’s case the question was, “Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, ‘a fit and necessary war measure.'”

The young boy answered correctly but included an extra T in the word emancipation, for which Trebek called him out saying that he had “badly misspelled” the word.

The Jeopardy! host added that the judges had considered the answer as incorrect. The youngster was seen hanging his head in defeat and muttering “what?”.

Even though Hurley had no chance of winning the round, he was pretty upset at being disqualified and losing $3,000 for a misspelling after he gave the correct answer.

His father is even angrier, saying that the host publicly humiliated his son on national television. But that is not the last Trebek is hearing about the young Connecticut contestant.

Social Media is getting in the mix now. The Jeopardy! Facebook page has seen many comments from viewers who are upset at Trebek’s treatment of the child.

On Twitter, opinions seem to be divided with some criticizing Trebek, while others support him,

Do you think Jeopardy!’s host Alex Trebek is being unfairly targeted? Was he over the top when telling Thomas Hurley he misspelled “emancipation” badly?

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40 Responses to “‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Faces Backlash On Social Media”

  1. Donna Fallis

    If being told that he badly misspelled the word hurt his feelings, he better go to home school instead of high school.

  2. Janet Aurilia Thompson

    don't blame alex for this, the producers also agreed that the boy's answer was not correct.

  3. Anonymous

    Obviously the show is right. It cannot award an answer as being correct with misspelled words. Then it would allow any and all to win. That poor excuse of everyone knowing what he meant is just wrong. The kid and his father-as well as those others who took offense-are presumptuous to assume that a misspelled word ought to be overlooked. Too many young people nowadays just do not know how to spell, feel that everyone ought to forgive them as they should know what they were trying to convey misspelled word or not. The kid is bright but truly he needs to know how to spell bottom line. The father is just seething because his kid did not win the money. This is yet another good example of why American students place almost last in education when compared to their counterparts in other first world nations.

  4. Anonymous

    I'm just hoping this does not spell the end for Kids Week. Alex T did not make the call people.

  5. Tammy Rish

    This is what is wrong with America today! What a cry baby! Everyone feels entitled! Every child today is raised to feel they deserve a trophy, an award, a ribbon, a pat on the back. No more single achievement or accomplishments are recognized! Someone might get their itty bitty feelings hurt. Boo Hoo Hoo! Grow up! It's a tough old world buddy! Learn right now that not everybody goes home with the Homecoming Queen!

  6. Paula M Smolik

    Holy crap. Entitled? This kid is on national TV. He's nervous. It wasn't a misspelling, it was a brain hiccup. NERVOUS! At least he almost spelled it right. DAMN! Most 12-year-olds can't spell THEIR! Most adults can't! That is a HUGE disappointment. Yes, he is entitled. To feel hurt and disappointed. On national TV. Bullies and bastards and bitches.

  7. Matthew T. Mason

    This is absurd. Anybody who has been watching Jeopardy! as long as I have knows good and well proper spelling IS a must in Final Jeopardy. Nobody owes that kid anything.

  8. Scott Jinks

    Jim Van YOU ARE A REAL A$$HOLE! Robert is just asking that people learn how to spell, and your response is Fk U? Then you unbelievably and stupidly link a pedophile coach at Penn State with someone asking people to spell better? Stop trying to be clever and stick your head back up your pimply ass!

  9. Anonymous

    tammy rish go dunk your head…… oh boo who if you get that mop wet…….. awww did i hurt your feeling fatso……. you have cheeks like a monkey and i bet an azzz as big as a bafoon since you are one….oh i hope the truth didnt hurt your feelings, nah you must be used to hearing it that why you said such a mean thing about a boy…. who clearly should have won……. and you dear are no homecoming queen unless it the toliet bowl queen

  10. Chuck Patterson

    It's not so much that Alex told him he misspelled the word, it's the attitude that Alex conveyed. He is smug, he has all of the answers. But the kid, and his father, were also wrong in their attitudes.

  11. Linda Burchett

    Sometimes it really is a matter of form. A decision was correct but the attitude was pretty smug and over the top. That's what Alex is being slammed on I think.

  12. Lauren Ukkerd

    Paula M Smolik – Jeopardy is not an easy game show. Maybe he shouldn't have been on the show. No he is not entitled to anything. He clearly spelled the word emancipation incorrectly so he was wrong. If this had of been a spelling test in school his teacher would have marked it wrong and probably put a red circle around it a red X beside it. Study harder kid.

  13. Eugene Morris

    One can be condescending and smug when they have the answers in front of them.

    That said, the call was right, he did not spell the word right.

    I'm not sure how intelligent Alex is since I have not seen him on any Celebrity Game Shows.

  14. Eryn Stilp

    He spelled it wrong, therefore HE WAS WRONG, folks. Not too hard to understand.
    Spelling it "emanciptation" changes the very pronunciation of the word, so yes it is wrong. That kids' father is a riot. Trebek didn't humiliate your son, dude.
    I would tell my child that's the way it is.

  15. Richard Updike

    Jeopardy frequently has spelling categories – so it kinda is a Spelling Bee.

  16. Patricia Rodgers

    This show is based on how well you can spell as well as answer questions and unfortunately this child incorrectly spelled a word and he should not gain any money from such!

  17. CindyLea Kuntz Weber

    Alex Tribeck can be more than a LITTLE condescending though. But the boy still would have lost.

  18. Terry Smith

    CindyLea Kuntz Weber Alex Trebek doesn't make the rules…don't you watch the show or is it too hard for you? There are judges that he looks to for guidance. THEY make the call, NOT him!

  19. Dan Branson

    Well im going to say people are getting soft ! He didnt tease him or anything he told him got it wrong and moved on ! Uuuuummmm it is a show that tests intelligence ! Move on and learn from your mistake !

  20. Dan Branson

    I can see if alex made fun of him and said nanananan boo boo your a loser but he simply told him he got it wrong and moved on ! It is a game of intelligence !

  21. Susan Packer

    That child was humiliated by Alex……there's nothing wrong with America today………..spelling isn't perfect but who care….many people misspell words………shame on Alex for the insult

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