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Why was Matt Millen on the Michigan/Michigan State game?


Sometimes it is really tough to be a Detroit Lions fan. They have been awful for a really long time now, and the main man responsible for the recent futility was Matt Millen. So it surprised me to no end to see Millen as the color analyst for the big Michigan- Michigan State rivalry game yesterday. The one thing Spartan and Wolverine fans have in common is their hatred of this man, and the second is most of them are Lions fans. With that in mind why would ABC stick it to these fans but putting the most hated man in Detroit Sports on the biggest game in our state this year?

It really seems that ABC is going out of their way to stick it to Lions fans. In the greater Detroit area, the one thing everyone knows is Matt Millen is a clueless idiot. He ran the Lions into the ground. When he got there they were one field goal short of the playoffs, when he left there were the first NFL team to go 0-16. Worse than that a good number of his high draft picks either don’t play football anymore, or are playing in the United Football League.

This guy has no credibility in this town or really in the football world all together. I do not watch ESPN Monday Night Countdown because he gets on TV and jibber jabbers on about who was a good draft pick and who wasn’t. Flat out Millen would not know a good draft pick if he socked him his stupid face, and then fornicated with his wife. This guy is a total and complete jackass, and he really shouldn’t be on TV at all.

I feel quite fine about dragging Millen’s wife into this as upon his firing she gave interviews talking about how Detroit was football prison. While that may be true, Millen was the constructor and Warden of said prison, and how smart can the chick who married this moron truly be?

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