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Rob Gronkowski Won’t Answer Aaron Hernandez Questions, Threatens To Leave Interview [Video]

Gob Gronkowski nearly walked out of an interview this morning after he was repeatedly asked questions about his former teammate Aaron Hernandez.

Reporter Don Dahler, who sat down to interview the entire Gronkowski family on CBS This Morning, tried to get the New England Patriots player to comment on Aaron Hernandez.

Gronkowski wasn’t having any of it and told Dahler to move on to the next question.

Dahler tried to ask the question again, this time with slightly different wording, but Gronkowski wasn’t biting.

The Patriots tight end said: “Hey, next question.”

Dahler tried one last time to get the NFL player to comment on Hernandez. This time he turned to Gronkowski’s father, Gord, to initiate a conversation about the murder charges being brought against the former Patriots player.

And that’s when Gronkowski had enough.

Gronkowski took off his microphone, stood up, and promised that he would “walk off right now” if Dahler continued to bring up Hernandez. Dahler promised to change the subject and Gronk sat back down to finish the interview.

Here’s a video of Rob Gronkowski doing his best not to answer any questions about Aaron Hernandez.

You can watch the full interview below.

Aaron Hernandez is currently being charged with murder and Rob Gronkowski, as well as the rest of the New England Patriots organization, will likely have to deal with questions about the case throughout the 2013 season. Walking off the set may have worked for Gronkowski today but this won’t be the last time that he’ll face an nosy reporter.