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The Trayvon Martin Riots Video They Don’t Want You To See [Video]

trayvon martin riots

As a verdict neared, the specter of Trayvon Martin riots loomed large on Twitter, Facebook, and even in old media, and many comments were made regarding the perceived potential for unrest after what appeared to be an unpopular impending verdict in the case.

Soon after George Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, Trayvon Martin riots footage began to circulate on Twitter.

Often appended with “SMH,” or smug assertions it was predicted all along, the Trayvon Martin riots footage showed a scary scene of angry people taking to the streets after a massive disappointment. Cars burned and the video camera holder stayed well above the terrifying ruckus, as people took to the streets in protest.

One caveat though — that wasn’t actually footage of Trayvon Martin riots. That there was white people, pissed off and vandalizing because of hockey outcomes. Whoops.

No matter, though, as The Atlantic points out — another Trayvon Martin riots tape soon hit YouTube, featuring a white camera man being beaten by angry black strangers, specifically addressing the Zimmerman verdict.

Conservatives rejoiced! Finally, proof positive riots, had happened, right? The blogger responsible not only posted the now-deleted footage, but also claimed first-hand knowledge.

He said:

“One of our own reporters hit the streets last night to see what people thought of the verdict… Violence ensued.”

The post continues:

“Our reporter approached a group of young black men, and asked them what they thought of the verdict. Soon after asking just a few questions, they decided to physically attack him… After the incident our reporter and cameraman quickly left the scene. Thankfully, everyone is okay now.”

Interestingly, the footage has disappeared from YouTube, but most Trayvon Martin riots commenters opined the clip was clearly faked — not all though:

… his first mistake was asking a bunch of yard apes an opinion on the rule of law.they only thing yard apes care about is free money and whitey paying for their sh*t, they are too lazy and too stupid to earn a decent living.

It’s not clear why the Trayvon Martin “riots” footage was deleted by the conservative blog, but it may have something to do with the amateur “no! stop! stop!” dramatics displayed therein. Reposts, like the one above, have drawn the same doubtful comments suggesting the only footage of widely anticipated rioting was faked.

The Atlantic offered an opinion as to why the faked Trayvon Martin riots footage was perhaps so quickly withdrawn:

Embedded in this prediction is the idea that Zimmerman’s actions were justified because black people are always a second away from irrational violence.

As it stands, the Trayvon Martin riots predictions so widely and confidently made did not come to pass — but what predictably did is the ever-present idea (profiling, if you will) that Martin and his supporters look like they’re “up to no good.” We don’t know why the footage was yanked, but interesting in the aftermath is who didn’t want you to see the alleged incident on the tape.

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12 Responses to “The Trayvon Martin Riots Video They Don’t Want You To See [Video]”

  1. Dusten Carlson

    Why does anyone want this to become violent? I find it fucking remarkable that mutli-racial and non-violent demonstrations are happening all over the country despite the media's insistence on some imaginary race war. There's a huge and important difference between the expected narrative and what is really happening, but that's something we should frankly rejoice about. Our worst "white people" fears didn't come to pass, so maybe it's time to admit we're afraid for no reason.

  2. Sandy Ely

    Thank you for sharing this. It is getting out of control.

  3. Kim LaCapria

    Dusten, your ideas intrigue me and I wish to respond to your newsletter.

  4. Zee Saccoh

    This video is FAKER than the TROLL running this race baiting site!! Come out come out where ever u are… U hateful cowards!!! If I ever had a race problem I'd speak face to face! Ya KKK clansmen are workin hard with posts like tryna stirr things up till it explodes in ya face. Keep playin remember ur the ones hiding smh.

  5. Stephen Dawson

    this video is clearly a group of actors. It's a disgrace considering what really happened.

  6. Anonymous

    There are a lot of false videos out there put out by the far right crazies. However, let me tell you that I have witnessed violence in my own city with my own eyes. Signs are out there mostly contain the F word, the phrase "crazy A** cracker" among others. People here are not getting physically abusive, there is no damage, but any white policeman is being harassed. I have heard a lot of foul language and racial comments in front of small children. I saw signs saying "No justice for N*****" carried by african-americans. I have also heard death threats for Zimmerman, as well as people who say they want to confront the jurors in the case. It upsets me whenever there is any kind of racism, but what everyone needs to understand is that there are a lot of racists out there who are not white. I am not white, black or Hispanic, but a mixture of several ethnic groups, but look mostly white. Having lived in New York City at one time, I have been the victim of racism by many people, blacks, whites, Hispanics, and Asians. I have been personally attacked by a group of black men, and was told by the cops that I was in the "wrong neighborhood" and they did nothing about it. My daughter was verbally abused on a daily basis in 6th grade by Asian girls, and nothing was done about it until my daughter complained to the principal. The principal called me in and called MY DAUGHTER the racist! I believe that those on the far right like Sean Hannity and those on the left like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are dividing our country, and we need to be united and base our opinions about WHO people are instead of WHAT ETHNICITY they are.

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