Djokovic vs. Murray on social media

Djokovic Vs. Murray On Social Media, Who’s Winning?

The men’s final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is underway at Wimbledon, but who is winning on social media?

The match has just started on the field and the clear favorite is Scottish player Andy Murray, he is after all the local.

On paper the No. 1 seed Djokovic appears to have the edge against the No. 2 seed, but whatever the case, this promises to be a highly dramatic final, if both players can manage to put forth the type of tennis that fans are used to.

But social media has a clear winner, Djokovic is not only ranked number one, but he is ahead of Murray with 3.1 million fans compared to the Brit’s 1.27 on Facebook.

The Twitter battle also goes to the Serb (@DjokerNole) who has passed the two million mark, while Murray (@Andy_Murray) is close to 1.7 followers.

However, according to information released by Twitter, Andy Murray’s handle peaked during Friday’s two big semi-finals, at 11,784 mentions per minute, while Novak Djokovic’s peaked at 4,442 mentions per minute.

This would indicate that in real time Murray is victorious.

Now, who will lead the way during today’s much anticipated final is anyone’s guess, but once again, Murray is the local and is going for his first win at the All England Club.

BBC Sport reports on their Facebook page that the data of people who like the official Facebook pages of the two players, suggests they are remarkably similar.

An Andy Murray fan, on average, is 25 years old, likely to be male (65% are) and single (58% are). A Novak Djokovic fan, on average, is also 25 years of age, male (64% are) and single (60% are).

Andy Murray fans are also slightly more sociable on Facebook – they average 338 friends, while Novak Djokovic fans have 335 friends on average.

Andy Murray is ready for today’s match, he posted a message on his Facebook and Twitter pages,

Djokovic was more casual about the day ahead posting on Facebook,

“This morning during warm up, we had entertainment too. The ping pong battle of titans – Marian and Dule it was hillarious! Now i’m getting ready for my match. Thank you for all your messages of support! ‎#Wimbledon”

His Twitter message showed just how determined he is,

There is no denying that all the pressure will be on Murray to win it all and become only the second British man to do so since Fred Perry did it in 1934.

Will you watch the Wimbledon final between Murray and Djokovic? Who’s your favorite?