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25 MPH On A Treadmill? Chad Johnson Can Beat That

chad johnson

Robert Gill got his fifteen minutes of internet fame today when he ran 25 mph on a treadmill. Well, Chad Johnson must have smelt publicity in the water because now we have a video of the former NFL great showing off his sprinting talents.

Johnson, formerly known as Ochocinco, is still looking for a job next year so you can’t blame the guy for showing off his talents.

The sporting world was raving about Gill, a rookie wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, after his video went viral this week so they’ll probably do the same for Ochocinco. Right?

The three-time all-pro receiver even decided to up the ante. Ochocinco didn’t match Gill’s speed (25 mph) but he did add an incline. For Johnson’s stunt he ran 24 mph at a 2.5% incline.

So now, the eternal question has to be asked. Is 25 mph on a treadmill more impressive than 24 mph on an inclined treadmill? That’s still up for debate but there is one thing that we know for certain: The 35-year-old receiver still has some life in those legs.

Here’s the video of Chad Ochocinco’s treadmill video.

On a side note, let’s hope that this doesn’t become an internet meme. Because frankly, 99% of the world can’t do what Chad Johnson and Robert Gill can do. Of course, it would be funny to watch them try.

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