Lindsay Lohan No Adderral In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan Has Agreed To Adderall Free Rehab Stay

Lindsay Lohan has finally agreed to stop throwing fits about her inability to take the popular ADHD drug Adderral while in rehab.

Earlier in the month, LiLo threw fits at the Betty Ford clinic because they refused to allow her to take Adderral.

A new report at TMZ claims that Lindsay Lohan now settled into a new rehab facility has agreed to forgo her use of the drug.

When Lohan was first told she couldn’t have her Adderall, she threatened to boycott rehab, a move that would have landed her in jail.

Lohan told friends that she was diagnosed with ADHD at an early age and needs her Adderall to function. Doctors, however, suggest that she was likely handed a bogus diagnosis and doesn’t actually have ADHD.

The drug is popular among female actresses in Hollywood because of its ability to control weight. However, Adderall is also a highly addictive drug and one of the most abused substances in Hollywood.

Given her past of alcohol addiction, doctors at her rehab facility felt that removing the highly addictive substance was necessary for her treatment.

While agreeing to stop her Adderall use without throwing more fits might be a step forward Lindsay Lohan, doctors still believe she needs a lot more work. On June 24, doctors recommended that Lohan extend her court-ordered rehab stay.

Lindsay Lohan Advised To Extend Rehab Stay

While Lindsay Lohan is still in rehab, her mom and sister, Dina and Ali Lohan, are believed to be shopping around New York’s SoHo neighborhood for a new apartment where Lohan will live after leaving the Cliffside Malibu rehab center.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s Adderral addiction will resurface the moment she leaves rehab?