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Tina Fey Says ‘Mean Girls’ Sequel Won’t Happen, Reunion Possible

Tina Fey Mean Girls Reunion

Tina Fey doesn’t want Mean Girls fans to get their hopes up about a sequel. Chances are that project will never happen. Get ready to feel incredibly old: The aforementioned comedy was originally released almost a decade ago. Considering how frequently people reference the flick, you’d think it hit the big screen only a few… Read more »

Rachel McAdams: The Real Life Mean Girl

Rachel McAdams In Mean Girls

This year marks the tenth year since the infamous Mean Girls movie was released. Not only was this movie the highlight of Lindsay Lohan’s career, thus far, it marked the launch of Rachel McAdams’ career as she portrayed the typical high school “mean girl” Regina George. While each character seemed to fit their role perfectly,… Read more »

Rachel McAdams Made Lindsay Lohan Nervous On The Set Of ‘Mean Girls’


Rachel McAdams made co-star Lindsay Lohan extremely nervous on the set of the 2004 comedy Mean Girls. It’s hard to believe that writer Tina Fey and director Mark Waters’ adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman’s book arrived on the big screen nearly 10 years ago. To celebrate the film’s anniversary, Waters decided to share a few interesting… Read more »

Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab, Wants To Do Movies

Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab, Wants To Do Movies

Lindsay Lohan movies were announced at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival now that she’s out of rehab. In a related story from The Inquisitr, the Lindsay Lohan GTA 5 lawsuit over the bikini girl photo had everyone shaking their heads and the first thing the crazy ex-Disney star did after exiting rehab was to post… Read more »

Is Lindsay Lohan Responsible For The Attack On Paris Hilton’s Brother?

Lindsay Lohan Paris Hilton

Was Lindsay Lohan the reason that Barron Hilton was viciously attacked over the weekend? It’s no secret that Paris Hilton’s brother was allegedly beaten by someone while attending a private party in Miami Beach. However, details about how the situation arose are reportedly a little sketchy at the moment. According to the Miami Herald, Lindsay… Read more »

Lindsay Lohan In ‘GTA 5’? Actress Sues Over In-Game Likeness

Lindsay Lohan in 'GTA 5', lawsuit over likeness

Lindsay Lohan claims GTA 5 used her likeness without permission, and has decided to sue Rockstar Games. Could Rockstar be stealing more than virtual cars now? The Canyons actress has apparently noticed a few things in Grand Theft Auto 5 that brought out her ire. This isn’t the first time that Rockstar allegedly used something… Read more »

Joan Rivers Threatens To Sue Michael Lohan Over Plastic Surgery Remarks

Michael Lohan

Joan Rivers has threatened to sue Michael Lohan for saying that she is currently obsessed with plastic surgery. Judging from her recent comments, the comedienne isn’t messing around. Lindsay Lohan’s dad is reportedly a little angry about the comments the Fashion Police host has made in recent months. Michael Lohan firmly believes that Rivers has… Read more »