The Maserati Ghibli is named after an Arabic word.

Maserati Ghibli Set To Challenge Top Competitors

The Maserati Ghibli is set to challenge the Italian company’s top competitors in 2014. The new car will have a starting price of $65,000 and it’s set to take on elite models that have become a wealthy man’s delight.

The new Maserati will hit US showrooms in September, but the company is already preparing to hit the market running. They’re specifically targeting German car makers like Audi AG and they believe there’s a chance to steal away buyers.

“We have to steal buyers from the Germans,” said a Maserati product development manager, Benedetto Orvietani, according to Bloomberg. “We are going after their most demanding customers, the ones that are bored of their Audi A6 and want to stand out.”

Their new model has created a lot of buzz as of late after the order guide was leaked online. Discussion has picked up ever since and many people believe it has the chance to take over. The Maserati Ghibli is a 1960s model name that’s Arabic for a hot wind from the Sahara.

The company’s plan is to boost sales to upwards of 50,000 vehicles by 2015. Their goal seems quite reachable, but some German car makers sell more than one million cars in a single year. Numbers can be deceiving as their target audience isn’t always high class buyers with plenty of money to spend.

The base version of the new Ghibli sports a Ferrari 330-horsepower V6 engine that gives it plenty of power for a mid-sized sedan. The four-door features a low front end with a high rear end that is accompanied by a slick look all the way through.

There are plenty of options involved with the new car, including a keyless entry and start. The model also comes in 14 different colors and offers three different levels of sound system that can go up to 15 speakers.

Do you think the Maserati Ghibli has a chance to storm the automotive market?


[Image via Creative Commons]