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Drew Brees Car Accident Story Is Fake, Says Saints QB

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Drew Brees was in a car accident today and may not be able to play in the NFL next season… That was the story that floated around the internet today, but don’t worry Saints fans, your QB is perfectly fine.

Brees took to Twitter this afternoon to assure his fans that he was not in a car accident, that he didn’t break his legs, and that he was perfectly healthy.

Brees writes:

“I am fine. Not sure where the car accident story came from. It is not true. I appreciate everyone’s concern but I am ALL GOOD!”

The story was posted on a bogus website, Global Associated News, that frequently posts death hoaxes. GAN apparently decided to tone down their hoax machine to “severely injured” instead of “dead” in order to create a more plausible story for Brees.

GAN allows users to create their own fake news stories by filling in the blanks to a story template. It’s kind of like Mad Libs accept involves real people, starts real rumors, and fools thousands of people.

The fake Drew Brees car accident story reads: “A spokesperson for the New Orleans highway safety authority has confirmed that Drew Brees has broken both of his legs in a traffic altercation … The accident involved a 2012 BMW driven by Drew Brees and a 76 year old female driver in a 2010 Audi.”

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19 Responses to “Drew Brees Car Accident Story Is Fake, Says Saints QB”

  1. Nicole Morrison Bryson

    That is something you don't joke about!!! Don't find it to be funny at all…GET A LIFE PEOPLE AND FOUND SOMETHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT INSTEAD OF MY QUARTERBACK!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Intentional lying for entertainment. Stupid bordering on criminal. It is all funny until someone spreads lies about your daughter.

  3. Dan Smith

    Shame on Yahoo for printing the headline to make it look like someone actually got hurt.

  4. Anonymous

    Sounds like a bunch of m0r0ns didn't read the story.

  5. Jennifer Harper

    I don't know who the author of this article is, but there is a shameless spelling error in here. The word accept was used when except is the correct word to use. Please change this, as it questions your credibility.

  6. Jack Smith

    Yes,Mrs. perfect Jennifer,i'm sure,as soon, as they see your post,they will jump right on it.This is all you got to do?Correct spelling,on the internet?Wow what an exciting life you must have,smh.

  7. Anonymous

    Not much different than the mainstream media with misleading titles and inaccurate facts only seeking attention and not truth, not to mention horrible grammar and spelling. Until any of these folks are held liable and made to pay punitive damages on a regular basis it will never change.

  8. Anonymous

    Misuse of a word questions credibility in this story?! And "shameless" no less. Ahhhh…lets see now….Hmmm….the story is incredibly bogus and "shameful" in itself…and you are addressing the wording? Oh well….the pic you posted is nice anyway.

  9. Michael Wolverton

    Thats what Yahoo does……they are pitiful.

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