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MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Kills Friend

MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Kills Friend

A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter has been charged with murder after beating then killing his friend by ripping his heart out.

Jarrod Wyatt is believed to have been under the influence of drugs when he attacked and killed his friend Taylor Powell in Del Norte County, Northern California back in March. Wyatt believed that Powell was the devil, and killing him was an effort to rid the world of satan (no, we’re not making this up.)

Injuries to Powell included an 18inch hole in his chest, his heart, eyeballs and tongue removed, and his face beaten to the point that he wasn’t recognizable.

Along with a charge of first degree murder, Wyatt is also facing a charge of torture as well.

Jarrod Wyatt’s only professional MMA fight was in January this year where he defeated Seth Stanfill in Resurrection Cage Fights in a first round knock out.

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2 Responses to “MMA Fighter Jarrod Wyatt Kills Friend”

  1. Mark

    Thats a lawyer for you. “My client is not guilty because he was under the influence of drugs”. I’m sorry, you are responsible for your actions. If you kill somebody and cut their face and eye out, and cut their heart out and cook it, you are guilty of murder. You shouldn’t have been doing drugs to begin with ou freak.

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