Nokia N900 Smartphone

Skype Two-Way Video Calling About To Arrive For Nokia N900

Skype is getting ready to launch an application later this week that will allow Nokia N900 users to take part in two-way video calling.

The service, already available on notebooks and desktops, will allow Nokia N900 users to participate in calls with other mobile clients and Skype-on-TV users with LG and Panasonic sets.

The N900 is a great candidate for the technology with the included front-facing camera that enables video calling. Users will be able to make calls over WiFi and 3G data networks.

In even better news, Skype Mobile vice president Russ Shaw says a Google Android Skype App with video calling will be available before the end of the year. With that app video calling capabilities will dominate an increasingly large part of the mobile market. [via GigaOM]