Employees Open Box of Bananas And Find Cocaine

Employees Open Box of Bananas And Find Cocaine

Employees opened up boxes of bananas and discovered a shipment of cocaine.

Although nowhere near as original as a woman attempting to smuggle cocaine in diapers, this concealment is still pretty odd.

The Danish supermarket, Coop, had been waiting for the order of bananas and therefore expected nothing out of the ordinary when opening up the boxes.

However, what they didn’t anticipate was a 100 kilograms of white power stored away inside.

Considering that the street value of this amount of cocaine is somewhere in the thousands, somebody out there will undoubtedly be angry that their shipment of cocaine fell into the wrong hands.

The only indication that all was not as it seemed was the weight of the boxes; employees had noticed that some boxes of bananas were heavier than others.

Despite initial claims that the substance was cocaine, the authorities refuse to commit to that statement because they’re still unsure whether it actually is the drug.

Surely the police will run tests to ensure that employees have actually found an illicit drug and not just sugar?

Whatever the substance is finally determined to be, even if it’s “innocent” it still could be just as addictive as cocaine if reports on high fructose corn syrup are anything to go on.

Either way, the Columbian supplier of the fake boxes of bananas have been contacted about the potentially illegal content hidden away in their shipment.

A Coop spokesperson, Jens Juul, commented on the odd occurrence, saying that more bags with white powder had been found Wednesday in a separate shipment from Colombia.

This unintended delivery turned up at a central dispatch facility in suburban Copenhagen.

Although contact with the suppliers has been made, no arrests have been made so far.

No doubt there are some drug dealers out there that are very annoyed that their cocaine ended up going to supermarkets in Denmark, but who would really want to own up to that mistake?

It seems that only time, and the continued efforts of the police investigating, will help discover why boxes of bananas concealed such a highly illegal drug.

[Image via Daily Record]