Amidst death threats, Michael Vick will resume his book tour.

Michael Vick Doesn’t Want To Share Reps At Training Camp

Michael Vick doesn’t want to go into training worried about his job.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback said today that he hopes that Coach Chip Kelly makes a decision about the starting quarterback position before training camp starts. At the moment, Vick is fighting for the starting job with Nick Foles.

Vick said: “Hopefully, (coach) Chip (Kelly) makes a decision before training camp, and we won’t have to answer that question … So we can go out there as quarterbacks and just focus on this season and not answer questions about competition every day.”

The Eagles just finished up a mandatory mini-camp and Vick, who started the majority of the 2012 season, isn’t happy to be sharing snaps with Foles.

Vick said: “It’s hard. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t, but that’s just what I have to deal with, and I’m going to keep dealing with it until I see otherwise.”

This isn’t the first time that the Eagles quarterback has talked about his place on the depth chart. Earlier this week, Vick said that he will be the leader on the team regardless of if he ends up the second string quarterback.

Vick said: “Always going to be a leader on this team, regardless of what my place is … I am confident that I continue to be a guy that is looked up to on this team and continue to play my role.”

Who do you think the Eagles should start in 2013?