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Tim Tebow Gets Job Offer From Glenn Beck

Tim Tebow Gets Job Offer From Glenn Beck

Tim Tebow might be done in the NFL, but the wayward quarterback could have a job with Glenn Beck soon.

On his radio show, Beck and his co-hosts got into a discussion about Robert Griffin III’s new home in Northern Virginia. As the discussion progressed, they somehow end up talking about Tim Tebow and how he’ s still out of work.

“You can be a good guy — look at Tebow. You can be a good guy, clean life, and be on the wrong side politically, and you’re doomed,” Beck said. “Hopefully when he no longer has a job and he’s out of football, we’ll have enough money to hire him at this network to do sports. ”

Beck’s co-hosts laughed, but Glenn seemed to be serious about hiring Tim Tebow.

“Who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn’t hire him,” Beck said. “Nobody’s going to hire him, he’s too controversial. And think of that. No one’s going to hire him because he’s religious? It’s unbelievable.”

After being cut by the New York Jets, Tebow has faced rumors that his NFL career is coming to an end. No team seems interested in signing the unrestricted free agent, leading some people to believe that Tebow has been blackballed from the league due to the media circus that follows him.David Fleming of ESPN The Magazine says many in Tim Tebow’s camp are “privately admitting that his NFL run is probably over.”

But Tim Tebow denies that he’s giving up on the league. Ian Rapoport of tracked down his dad, Bob Tebow, who said Tim remains committed to playing in the NFL.

Several NFL insiders are saying that if Tim Tebow does remain in the NFL, it will not be as a quarterback.

“He’s not a quarterback,” said one NFC scour. “When you look at his run two years ago, when you watch the tape and break it down, he wasn’t really doing anything that impressive. He’s a tough guy, a great leader, a great person. But he isn’t a good enough quarterback to have all the distractions that come with him.”

Of course, Tim Tebow could always just go to work for Glenn Beck.

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28 Responses to “Tim Tebow Gets Job Offer From Glenn Beck”

  1. Blume Loe

    Well, he has been a winner on all levels including the NFL. There is several teams that are trouble that could use a winner and someone to sell the seats out.

  2. Preston Pool

    u responded in the wrong spot. but my 1st team in all sports since 1997, when my memory was in its early stages…. is the PATRIOTS. I have an extreme winning heritage.

  3. Michael Allison

    I seem to remember a Guy that won a superbowl after he was only good enough to be a grocery sacked!!"" Does this ring a bell?

  4. Anonymous

    they can all say what they want but we all know that the reason why Tebow can't get a break. It is because HE IS RELIGIOUS! nuff said. If they say anything else other than this then they are Bullshiiters.

  5. Blume Loe

    Your right there but there is plenty of NFL teams 4-12 and 2-14 teams that would at least sell seats if Tim was playing. Couldn't do worst and he might do what he did in Denver.

  6. Timothy Park

    Yep, that's exactly why. His career 47% completion percentage has nothing to do with it.

  7. Timothy Park

    Nobody wants to give overtly religious players a chance in the NFL… That's why Kurt Warner, Reggie White, Phillip Rivers and Shaun Alexander never got chances to play either

  8. Justin Daniel

    Kurt Warner had a cannon for an arm (32k yards), was accurate (65.5% lifetime completion), and had a QB rating of 93.7 and only one year under 90, his first. Tebow got less accurate the more he passed (47%), threw 9 interceptions on 17 touchdowns, and a QB rating of 75.3 (miserable). How is it that if you think that this guy can't play you are some sort of hater and don't like him because of his religion? Some people just can't play.

  9. Blume Loe

    He wins, what else matters. The only stat that matters IMO is the win/loss and his NFL win is impressive.

  10. Robert L A Daugherty

    oh so now tebow is playing the religion card because he isn't a good enough quarterback? so now I guess an nfl franchise has to swallow it and hire him so people won't think they're "anti Christ?"

  11. Anonymous

    Tim just doesn't fit in, in this age of statistics, scouting reports, scientific studies, and proto-typical expectations of todays athletes. I love Tim Tebow but I don't think his religion is why he didn't get a chance to prove himself. I think he should go to another league and become so successful that the NFL will have to take notice. Whatever he decides to do I'll guarantee he will be successful.

  12. Blume Loe

    Tim is not playing anything. People have opinions thats it. 2 teams that were 2 wins and 12 losses should try something else and Tim won at Denver and it was the NFL.

  13. Blume Loe

    Tim is not playing anything. People have opinions thats it. 2 teams that were 2 wins and 12 losses should try something else and Tim won at Denver and it was the NFL.

  14. Mark Bradley

    Only reason why this guy is still relevant is because the media like the moron skip bayless worship him like a god. Fact is he sucks at the NFL level. A lot of successful college QBs can't make it in the NFL. Tebow is one of them.

  15. Frances Sank

    If he was a gang member or a dog abuser, he would get a contract faster than the speed of light at the NFL ! The priorities and standards of the NFL and the NBA are the lowest of the low ! Good guys are spit out ! and criminals and thugs get rewarded ! Someday fans will get disgusted and say enough is enough !
    But, I am sure not in my lifetime ! I look at it as "TIM TEBOW IS TOO GOOD FOR THE NFL ". He doesn't need to become a great man or success from the NFL ! I would tell THEM "I'm Moving on with MY LIFE" !!!

  16. Timothy Park

    Wins and losses have a lot more to do with the team, not Tim Tebow.. Denver Defense….

  17. Blume Loe

    17 teams in the NFL have more losses than wins in the 2012 season. That would mean there is a lot of QB's playing that can't win, Tebow has won on the NFL level and he will fill seats.

  18. Blume Loe

    Denver's defense?? They lost before TT that season. He brought the team together, he is a leader and winner.

  19. Blume Loe

    Denver's defense didn't win the games before TT started playing. he is a team leader and a winner.

  20. Anonymous

    Nobody's hiring him because he can't throw a damn football, not because he's religious. Look ay Reggie White & the way he was religious. Owners only care about one thing; can he throw a football into the end zone. With Tebow, apparently not.

  21. Carl Anderson

    well I think he has been given a raw deal…… will he play again I bet he will. some team will need a quarterback for when their number guy goes down with a season ending injury……

  22. Mike Anderson

    For one thing, Tebow didn't say a dam thing, some "reporter" did. #2, its the truth the liberal society the rest of us are stuck living in today dictates that you cant be a successful white cristian with strong values and be in the lime light. Sure everyone will say "well Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are just those kinds of people" true… but they came into the NFL at a diferent time,when these types of people were exepted. Todays NFL, or even society in general, wants gang banging thugs who cant keep their asses out of trouble.I mean, am I the only one tired of trying to look up some "football news" only to find stories of some 2- pac wana be shooting himself in the leg, shooting someone else, killing somebody with his Escalade, or all of the above? To all of you who waste countless hours posting comments such as yours, its obvious you have your own agenda, so go ahead and pull your race card because Mike Vick sucks, oh that's right, he is still allowed to play in the NFL!!

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