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Napster Wedding This Weekend Cost $10M

The Napster wedding set to descend upon Big Sur in California this weekend cost a stunning $10 million — and features man made bodies of water, specifically built cottages, and an Oscar winning costume designer among its many details.

The Napster wedding is that of the music sharing network’s Sean Parker, who was prominent in the Facebook-based film The Social Network.

Parker is tying the knot with musician Alexandra Lenas, and the Napster wedding includes a relatively reasonable 300 expected guests, news sources nearby report.

While much of the festivities have not been detailed to press, a little is known about what $10 million (or more than $30,000 per guest) gets you at a wedding.

Of hiring costume designer Ngila Dickson, Parker said:

“Just because we don’t trust our guests to dress themselves properly doesn’t mean we want them to look like Game of Thrones characters … [Dickson] is creating gorgeous, inspiring, and unique designs that are both modern and whimsical … There will be nothing medieval about it.”

While the lucky 300 invited to the sure to be legendary shindig find out tomorrow exactly how lavish the Napster wedding will be, locals are not as keen on the pending nuptials — which they believe may burden the area with their excess.

Stan Russell, head of the city’s chamber of commerce, said of the bash:

“We’re pretty used to celebrities being in Big Sur … But for this one, they’ve basically built a movie set to have their wedding.”

Napster Founder Sean Parker Planning $9M Wedding

But Russell cedes that the Napster wedding is likely to be more of a boon to the local economy than anything else, as it is sure to make a mark when the details finally leak:

“The wedding planners in Big Sur are planning ahead for 2014 already, because they’re booked … People want to come and see what all of the excitement’s about.”

Do you think the Napster wedding’s $10 million price tag is insane?