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Kim Jong Un Has His Own All-Girl Pop Band [Video]

North Korea Band

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un reportedly put together his own all-girl pop band.

The group, which consists of five girls who wear an array of sparkling outfits, have already cranked out a few tunes. Their songs include “Let’s Study” and “Our Dear Leader.”

The Moranbong Music Band members were selected by the Supreme Leader himself. The group’s creation is North Korea’s attempt to inject some popular culture into a country that generally doesn’t focus on such things.

Kim Jong Un reportedly formed the band back in 2012. They have already performed a handful of times for the North Korean leader, including last year’s New Years event.

The Dear Leader himself is particularly proud of his all-girl group. Their five-part harmonies and 60s-inspired dance choreography is apparently pleasing to Kim Jong Un, who has already sung the band’s praises.

“(He praised) Seon-u Hyang-hui, leader of the band, for her splendid directing. He underscored the need to steadily develop the traditional music and popular music in a balanced manner to suit the thoughts and feelings of Koreans and their aesthetic taste while meeting the need of the times and the people’s desire,” a report from KNCA explained.

The members of the Moranbong Music Band use synthesizers, guitars, and strings to create their sound. The songs have been described as light rock with hints of 80s pop.

In order to spread the word about his group, Kim Jong Un has put together a few promotional sites on social media. Not only does the band have their own DPRK-sanctioned YouTube channel, the girls’ also have a Facebook page dedicated to their music and performances.

Judging from the video below, the group’s vibe is decidedly old-fashioned. However, in a country where pop culture is practically non-existent, the band’s approach probably feels indescribably new to the people of North Korea.

What do you think about Kim Jong Un and his all-girl band? Is this just harmless fun, or is it another way for the Dear Leader to control his people?

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63 Responses to “Kim Jong Un Has His Own All-Girl Pop Band [Video]”

  1. Vincent Gaspar

    I gotta admit, that is some pretty good music, and hot ass women. See? NK ain't all that bad, don't listen to the false western propaganda.

  2. Codi Lee Pippenger

    Yeah. I mean, it isn't the best… But it isn't the worst either. And it's nice to see at least the beginning of a big change in North Korea. Perhaps if Kim recognized that pursuing things like these instead of weapons development would raise their status in the eyes of other major powers; he'd push for more things like this. He doesn't have to change the entire government, just allowing a bit more liberties is a good start for his people. Happy people are productive people.

  3. Anonymous

    The songs they sing are propraganda songs my wife is from South korea and she watched the viedo and they sing about keeping the country strong and studying hard and other songs to make fat boy Jung Un happy after all he put it togeather and allows them to play.

  4. Ricardo Ang

    Am amazed and impressed by these beautiful ladies elegant costumes and music performance. The only problem, I could not understand what they're singing.

  5. Fred Slater

    They are all babes.
    This is government at its' best.
    No foreign deployments. 😉

  6. Joshua Black

    Yea, I think I'll just stick with my love for AKB48.

  7. Molina Edgar


  8. Ricardo Rios

    They sing good but it sounds very old fashion in my opinion and they look old fashion too, but well they are isolated from the world so cant ask for more.

  9. Anna Grass

    Nothing short of amazing coming from this very closed and staid country. I am sure it will be shocking and risque to the general population. oh, well, they gotta start somewhere. Better a pop group than bombs.

  10. Winston Rockwell

    of course it's propaganda. look at the video background… it's all military, marching troops, rockets, naval vessels… the musical ability is certainly there, but the militaristic themes probably are designed to appeal to nationalistic feelings in the carefully selected audiences.

  11. John Bush

    Beautiful and talented, a shame they can't come to Vegas and defect!

  12. Anonymous

    NOTHING that Kim Jong Un does is "harmless fun".

  13. Polly Darden

    I prefer their earlier hits, "Can I Please Have at Least One Wafer, if It Would Not Cause Too Much Trouble?" and "Hold Up a Second, Dear Leader, I Think My Anus is Bleeding".

  14. Ian Lee

    and he's banged every single one of them….

    Gah.. Thank God I was born on the South side.

  15. Stevenimich A. Archangel

    They get dull after a song or two… This is a bit risque… They should exagerrate their moves more, like their hips. I betcha some of the men in the crowd are poket-pooling in their pants while sitting there in the audience watching.

  16. Stevenimich A. Archangel

    They get dull after a song or two… This is a bit risque… They should exagerrate their moves more, like their hips. I betcha some of the men in the crowd are poket-pooling in their pants while sitting there in the audience watching.

  17. Jaysson Black

    They are not 'his' band. This is the Moranbong Band. Yes, they actually have music in North Korea. Mind blown? Americans just love to make up crazy things about other countries to try to make them look "evil". Maybe we should stop trying so fucking hard to demonize everybody else and do some work on our OWN shit…for a change.

  18. Tralfaz Watson

    Perhaps there is more to Kim than meets the eye…hmmmmm.

  19. Khanh Tuan Hoang

    Wonder how many of them had to sleep with him to get the job..LOL.
    where most of the country is malnourished, look how healthy these women are.

  20. Geoffrey Wordsworth

    Actually very good. These girls are professional, a little retro, that's a good thing nowadays, what the hell happened to music in this country?
    On a lighter note, I guess if you perform for Dear Leader you get to eat, those girls are healthy.

  21. David Solomon

    His people are starving to death, he runs countless gulags and has one of the largest standing armies in the world and this little POS puts together a combination of The Supremes and Spice Girls and calls it culture? Maybe we should run a few more nuclear tests ourselves.

  22. Anonymous

    Did anybody notice, they're wearing red, white and blue? Nice touch. Kind of American 1950's style. I like the girls playing the violins too. Nice show. Maybe Mr. Kim isn't such a bad guy after all.

  23. Anonymous

    Frank Lopez we hear from them, but do they hear from us

  24. William Smith

    They're about 10 yrs. older than the cuties in the South.

  25. Tricia Lye

    Never underestimate soft power. They could be exporting NK culture, if they really want. Retro is relative. I missed those days when people dress well to perform on stage actually.

  26. Anonymous

    Did this band appear in one of the KILL BILL films? Dennis has probably banged all of them. Now we know the real reason for Dennis's visits to see ONE HUNG LOW.

  27. Jerry Sinor

    How cute! DoughBoy has his own cheer leading squad. Hey DoughBoy, have filed adoption papers for Rodman yet? He says he's going back to visit again. He's actually looking at becoming your one man B ball playa.

  28. Dan Bogle

    Mindless dribble, but I guess for north korea, its a break from the garbage they're forced to listen to… Don't think the Celtic Women have anything to fear from these girls..

  29. Roy Welsch

    "And here they are with the #1 hit song in North Korea, "Buy this song or die", it's The Concubines"!

  30. Roy Welsch

    "And here they are with the #1 hit song in North Korea, "Buy this song or die", it's The Concubines"!

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